Feel So Comfortable

After having an about an hour of good chat with Lian, finally feel so comfortable. Like something heavy has been lifted off to shoulders. She also feel the same way. Glad that most of the things are solved. We are good friends now, and she don’t look back, so is impossible for us to be back together again.

She maybe together with my friend next time, but I think next time stuffs, next time then say. LOL.

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Things Get Complicated

Just as my feeling was right, it wasn’t just a simple breakup as it seems. Things just get more complicated. I want the truth instead of being kept in the dark but somehow till now, I have not heard of the whole truth but bits and pieces of it.
Avril Lavigne – Complicated

Uh huh, life’s like this
Uh huh, uh huh, that’s the way it is
Cause life’s like this
Uh huh, uh huh that’s the way it is

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Lost And Confused

Woke up many times in the morning and slept again. My mind is still heavy, thinking about all those things, but not as heavy as the night before.

Went for lunch at Marina Square food court. It brings back good memories when I was with Lian, eating Mos Burger there, watching movie there. All those sweet memories just came back and my tears also starts to flow down.

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Sad Day

Is a sad day for me, but I kinda expected it. Sometimes good things doesn’t last. For now I guess we have to be friends after almost 1 year being together. In the mean time, time to do some soul searching and changing and woo her back again after that. Would not know whether it will affect FYP or not. But I promised her that it will not affect FYP and will try my best to keep my promise. Well, I am alone again back like the old days together my good friends.

Is hard not to think of it. Is like a nightmare and how I wished it was and to wake up faster. But guess that what has happend has already happened or meant to happen sooner or later. No used crying over spilled milk. Life has to go on. I must put all the unhappnines behind me and start anew like a new baby who has just been borned to this world.

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School’s Laptop

Had lunch at Holland Village today. Ate the beef noodles from one of the noodle house there. Quite nice. The noodle is different from normal noodle.

Went back to school to collect the laptop. So troublesome the procedure. Need every group member admin number, contact number and signature. End up forging the signature as only 3 people including me was in school.

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First JSPG lecture

Had my first JSPG lecture today. The lecturer was an Indian and I was afraid of the Tamil and English slang. At first for the first few minutes he talk was ok but after that the slang started to come out. It wasn’t that bad. I have encountered worst one before when I was working in the help-desk.

Went to visit my fyp client after school to get him to sign the agreement. He seen the agreement softcopy before but when we ask him to sign on the hardcopy, he just sign without double checking through. He trusts us alot. He is a very good client.

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MS SQL Server 2000

Had my first lesson of GAME Programming today. It was like the advanced version of IGRA first practical 1. This module I think will teach us the concepts of game programming, rather then how to program it.

Had my FYP discussion after that. Finalize the database structure and the layout colors. Went for lunch after that at Raffles City’s foodcourt. Ate the hotplate beancurd again. Walked round Suntec’s City till my leg is so ache and further more the shoe I bought, the front part is abit tight. Very uncomfortable. Hope it will be season soon.

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