Our FYP is behind schedule for a few days or rather a week. Still feeling no pressure yet, and that is bad. So have to force myself to do it.

Actually suppose to go take my FTT practice at BBDC today, but somehow never go and end up going home. Dad today off, bought durian. Long time since I ate durian. Ate a few seeds only, heaty better not eat too much. Took a nap after that. Don’t know why these days I like to take in the nap in the afternoon. Don’t know is a habit or I am tired.

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Nasi Padang

Slept till in the afternoon for the first time after a few months. Went for lunch at somewhere opposite Concourse building. Don’t really know the place or the restaurant name. Is my first time there. The Malay Nasi Padang there is very nice. Especially the chilli. The ice milo there is super thick and on top of it they sprinkle some milo power to make it look nicer. Yummy.

Came home, took a nap. Don’t know why nowadays I am so tired and can sleep so easily.

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Happy 38th Birthday Singapore !!!

Today marks the 38th birthday of Singapore since it gained its independence in 1965.

My driving instructor called me in the morning to ask me about my school schedule. He told me to cancel away my 21st August 2003 lesson because it will not make much a difference. So will be starting my practical lessons officially in October. We will need about 25 lessons within 3 months. Doubt I can pass before Christmas. There goes my wish.

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Twilight Kitchen

Was very tried today, must be lack of sleep. After school came straight home took a nap till 5pm. Met my poly friends at Tiong Bahru at 6pm for dinner. Long time didn’t step into Tiong Bahru Plaza. Lots of things have change. New shops, shops relocation, new path-way at level 3, no need to walk 1/2 a round to take the escalator of the opposite direction and some path is block.

After dinner went to Touch Community Theatre at Bukit Merah to watch Twilight Kitchen. Is free for everyone, the show is local production on a very low budget. Surprising the show is excellent. Very meaningful show and I think is better than Home Run. Thumbs up for this show.

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First Driving Practical Lesson

Went for my first driving practical lesson. First lesson was kinda simple and was nervous. Just move front and back then drive around the circuit. My instructor is very patient and very friendly. Don’t know why I was smiling all the way after my lesson end. LOL. It is very fun learning driving.

Went for lunch with Elaine after that at Lot 1 shopping center. Came back to BBDC again for the 1st theory lesson. Leave BBDC after that to go back to SP. Had dinner at SP, the wan ton mee at foodcourt 3 taste bad. Didn’t know that even at 6.30pm, foodcourt 3 is still so crowded.

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Suppose to go for school National’s Day celebration, end up cannot make it because I got a meeting with my client. And I still get the free red polo shirt. lol

Had meeting with my client all the way to 7.30pm. Discussed mainly abt the CBT issue. The coding of the CBT looks very challenging. Think need at least 2x the time and effort as compared to Quietroom. Wonder can we finished in time or not as we are behind schedule.

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DIY Ice Cream

Went to school for GAME practical lessons only. After that went to Clementi to get my SAM’s Teach Yourself ASP In 21 Days. It is the last book left. Wonder when the stock will come in.

Was early, went with Reaper to walk around at Ngee Ang City. Saw one Panasonic’s DVD Home Theater set. Price is reasonable, $599. Think I will get something like that to replace my stupid Creative Speakers on Christmas. By then I hope I am able to sound surround my room and my TV and computer will be plug into that set.

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Went to BDCC after school with Elaine to help her out on her registration of driving and to get my driving booklet stamped for the fixed group. Didn’t realized my group G2066 from Bronze become Gold. Luckily I registered early so I am paying the bronze price. LOL.

Will be attending the theory lessons again on Thursday, then aim to take the FTT practice and evaluation next week and hope that by August can pass my FTT.

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Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant

Went to Hans at Pickering Street for breakfast before proceeding to Suntec’s City. Bought 2×50 Smartbuy CDRs to stock up, left only about 20 at home. I always buy Smartbuy CDRs, used to it. Sometimes when you are always using the same thing, it will be hard for you to change and you tend to take it for granted. Quote “Somethings Do Change, While Somethings Never Change”.

Walked around Suntec till around 3pm before heading home.

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Home Run

Just came home. Been months since I came home so late. Out for more then 12 hours. Had my ELIT lecture in the morning at LT4A. Was lost and could not find the place. End up meeting Jacky and co before going in.

Kinda enjoy my ELIT lecture, he is not exactly a lecturer but is a lawyer and he can really make the lecture very interesting with his jokes. One of the best lecturer.

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