The Twin Effect

Met Lian at Raffles City. Levis is having a mini exhibition to celebrate their 150th birthday. Had lunch at the foodcourt there. The hotplate beancurd tastes not bad.

Went to Suntec City later. Bought a pair of new Nike shoe from “Why Pay More?” It costs only $59.90 and the design is not bad. Silver plus orange. Cheap and good.

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Tim Sum @ Harbour Front

Suppose to meet my friend at 11am at Harbour Front Center’s Mac Donalds. End up all of them are late as usual. They came only at 11.30am and I reached there at 10.45am. Grr. Next time I purposely late. LOL

The tim sum buffet is cheap. $10.80++ per person, and the tim sum is not too bad, but of course Lei Garden tim sum is still the best of the best.

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World Book Fair

Woke up extremely early today, 8.30am. Well for me it is extremely early. Ate breakfast at Pasir Panjang Hawker Center. Surprisingly that the coffee lady still recognizes my mom and I and know what we drink.

Went to school later for fyp discussion. Now the scheduling is almost done, left the concept paper and we can start work. Looks like I cannot use ASP.NET with Access because I think during interview that time the lecturer will ask why don’t use MS SQL instead. Thus, I think I shall change it over to MS SQL, which is much better because it is a full blown database.

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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Launches

Actually my mom want to fetch me to Orchard to get my copy of Frozen Throne at 1pm. End up my cousin want to come my house and he say on the way fetch me to go get it first. Thus end up waking up at 11am, losing 2 hours of sleep. LOL

Bought 2 copies of Frozen Throne. Free 2 Poster and 2 Frozen Throne’s Mug (which I need to collect it in August). Inside the box, there is only a CD Case with the CD and the compact manual. No standalone manual, same as Starcraft: Brood War.

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2 Fast 2 Furious

Went to school today for FYP meeting. Missed my bus 147 and waited for 30 minutes for the next month and within this 30 minutes not even a single sign of bus 14. How unluckly can I be. Crappy morning.

When reached school, need to enter by Dover MRT station because our ICT block the gate didn’t opened and from Dover need to take a 10 minutes walk to ICT side. Thanks to SP for its stupid or rather dumb regulation. Furthermore, this will happen all the way to 17th July 2003. That really sucks. Again thanks to the brainless people who thought of that brainless idea.

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Shops Didn’t Open

Went to eat Minced Pork Noodle at Bestway building after not eating it for about a month. Last time used eat it every Saturday.

At night went to Singapore Swimming Club for dinner because there of the given $90 by the club. Every month the club will give each member $30 and it can accumulate for only 3 months. So if you didn’t eat, the $90 will go to them. Quit a cheap tactic.

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Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle

Met Lian at Raffles City yesterday. Went to the Planet E+G computer store at there. Saw a sign saying that Warcraft III: Frozen Throne will be out on 7th July. Don’t know whether it is real or fake as the worldwide release is on 1st July 2003 and last year, Singapore is one of the first few countries to launch Warcraft III because of the timezone.

Went to Kinokuniya book store at Ngee Ang City, saw a website layout book that contain many layouts from some corporate sites, looks good. Maybe I will get that to give me some design inspiration.

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Creative Warehouse Sale

My cousin came and fetched me at 10am. Went Straight to the Creative building. Passed by it and saw a very long queue, at least got 200 people at around 10.30am. It suppose to open at 11am. I am not surprise that the queue started from last night.

Went to eat breakfast at a foodcourt somewhere near the area. After breakfast drove to Creative building, and we are not allowed to enter the carpark as it was so full. This time the queue I think is around 500 people. Crazy, end up we just made a U-Turn and proceed home. Was not disappointed at all but feel very disgrace about Singaporean kiasuness. These people area really retards. I think I rather spent more money to buy a product then to queue for it.

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Confidence In FYP Gone

Played Frozen Throne last night, wanted to test out whether LANCraft works for Frozen Throne. To my surprise it works. Was so happy so played a few rounds before going to bed.

Met Lian at Compass Point, had breakfast myself at the Harbour Front Hawker Center. The mee siam I ate taste terrible and the ice teh-tarik taste so sweet. Buy anyway, the good news is that I only need 1 hour inclusive of waiting for bus to get to Compass Point, rather then take 85 all the way which will take me around 90 minutes. NEL is fast.

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