Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle

Met Lian at Raffles City yesterday. Went to the Planet E+G computer store at there. Saw a sign saying that Warcraft III: Frozen Throne will be out on 7th July. Don’t know whether it is real or fake as the worldwide release is on 1st July 2003 and last year, Singapore is one of the first few countries to launch Warcraft III because of the timezone.

Went to Kinokuniya book store at Ngee Ang City, saw a website layout book that contain many layouts from some corporate sites, looks good. Maybe I will get that to give me some design inspiration.

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Creative Warehouse Sale

My cousin came and fetched me at 10am. Went Straight to the Creative building. Passed by it and saw a very long queue, at least got 200 people at around 10.30am. It suppose to open at 11am. I am not surprise that the queue started from last night.

Went to eat breakfast at a foodcourt somewhere near the area. After breakfast drove to Creative building, and we are not allowed to enter the carpark as it was so full. This time the queue I think is around 500 people. Crazy, end up we just made a U-Turn and proceed home. Was not disappointed at all but feel very disgrace about Singaporean kiasuness. These people area really retards. I think I rather spent more money to buy a product then to queue for it.

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Confidence In FYP Gone

Played Frozen Throne last night, wanted to test out whether LANCraft works for Frozen Throne. To my surprise it works. Was so happy so played a few rounds before going to bed.

Met Lian at Compass Point, had breakfast myself at the Harbour Front Hawker Center. The mee siam I ate taste terrible and the ice teh-tarik taste so sweet. Buy anyway, the good news is that I only need 1 hour inclusive of waiting for bus to get to Compass Point, rather then take 85 all the way which will take me around 90 minutes. NEL is fast.

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WAP Blues

Actually suppose to have Tim Sum with my secondary school friends today, but guess that not much people is going, thus they never call me. So I presumed they cancelled it.

Had lunch by myself at my house downstair’s coffeeshop. Came home played a few rounds of Warcraft III with Lian. Will be pass her the Frozen Throne disc tomorrow, so hope by tomorrow we can play FT. Wonder Battle.LAN or LANCraft can be used. Hmmm

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Korean Food

Had lunch with my mom at Amara Hotel’s foodcourt. Ate the Korean food there. I must say that is the best Korean food I have ever ate.

Came home played abit of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Alot of stuffs have change and alot of stuffs have been added in. It really enhance the game alot. Now the max food is 100 instead of 90, which is much better. As Lian do not have Frozen Throne yet, I uninstalled my Frozen Throne and installed Warcraft III again to play with her multiplayer. It is quite bad as the uninstaller cannot uninstall Frozen Throne alone but the whole game.

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Kindaichi On Channel 8

Went early to City Link’s HMV to buy Lian the latest Kinki Kids single before meeting her at Raffles City. Proceed to Suntec City’s Nokia Care Center to get her old Nokia 8250 software upgraded. Spent the 2 hours walking round Suntec City.

Had a light snack at Burger King. The chicken cheese stick there taste more like flour stick then chicken cheese stick. LOL

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Lavender Street’s Wan Ton Mee

As usual, a boring Saturday for me. Basically did nothing except playing Warcraft III with Lian and some Counter-Strike on Khabal CS Server.

Had dinner at Lavender Street food center. It is famous for the Wan Ton Mee there. It is nice but very expensive because of the portion. 1 plate cost $3, and I can finish it with less than 5 mouth. And after eating the plate of wan ton mee, I don’t even know which part of stomach does it fill. Also ordered the “xiao long pao” from another stall, taste good. But also expensive. $5.50 for 10.

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North East Line

Today is the official opening of North-East Line MRT. This line will start from HarbourFront and goes up all the way to Punggol in about 30 minutes.

Had breakfast with Lian today at my house’s downstairs coffeeshop. After eating, took bus 85 to Habour Front (previously known as World Trade Center) to try the new MRT. After I got out of the bus, I saw a queue. At first, I thought those people are queuing up to take the MRT. But luckily those people are queuing up to go to Sentosa because today is the opening of NEL (North-East Line), they are giving out free admission tickets to Sentosa. As usual, when there are free stuffs, where got such thing as no queue. Even there are free tissue papers, they also got people queue. That is our typical Singaporean behavior. Kiasu, Kiasi, and Kiaboh.

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Lian came my house in the afternoon to put her barang barang. Proceed to Hereen’s HMV to check whether her latest Kinki Kids CD single is out. To her disappointed it is not out yet. It was release the day before in Japan, so I think will take at least 3 or 4 days before HMV import it.

Walked round Plaza Singapura after that as we got 2 hours. Had a light snack at Mos Burger in Plaza Singapura. The ice milk tea there is nice but the portion of fries that is abit little even though I ordered a large fries. I can remember some item’s prices at Mos Burger. LOL. So I know how much to get ready.

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OP Phone Pouch

Went to Bugis for lunch today with my mom and brother. Mom returned back the load car to the car workshop and drove my uncle’s car as he went to Vietnam. Ate Mos Burger. The seafood burger there is so dry, lack of gravy. But the corn soup there is not as diluted as Ngee Ang City. Different branch really makes different things. I still like Marina Square branch. Less people and the food is better than some other branches.

Wanted to buy my Billabong pouch from Wallet Shop, but it is still make of cotton material, thus end up not buying it. Went to Cold Storage to buy my cheese sausages and the Japanese beans, but sad to say it is out of stock and they did not sell the Japanese beans.

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