Kangaroo Jack

Came earlier to school to discuss my FYP, the proposal is almost done. School end at 1pm for Lian and I today.

Went to Funan foodcourt for lunch. After lunch went to collect my Sony Clie from the shop I bought from, but to my disappointment, the stock has not arrived yet as the shipment is delayed. They expect it to arrive on Friday, 2 more days. Sighz.

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Jobs & Resume

TBCM lecturer finally came today, this term will be focusing more on job interviews. Need to prepare resume and find jobs on the internet or newspaper, found 3 that I am interested. While searching I found that there is quite a need of Java programmers than C, C++, ASP programmers. Weird. I saw 1 job advertisement, requires Degree in IT/ Science/ Mathematics and Engineering. Need to know Visual Basic, C#, Java, Delphi and RDBMS. Must be familiar with Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle, Unix and Windows platform. The pay range is $7000 to $9000. I got a shock.

Completed my MMPJ assignment, which is 3 days earlier than the deadline. Shall be modifying that for my FYP proposal after a meeting with my FYP group tomorrow.

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IT Show 2003

Ate Depot Road’s laksa for lunch before proceeding to the IT Show 2003 at Suntec City. Went with my brother and mother. Spent at least 3 hours there.

Bought a Sony Clie PEG-T665C/GD pda, they are having offer. $499 and free 64MB memory stick worth $80. The business is so good that there run out of stock. Had place my order and paid the money, will be collecting it at Funan on Wednesday.

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Delifrance’s Breakfast

Had Delifrance’s breakfast, dad bought it from Sentosa’s Delifrance as he went fishing in Sentosa, so on the way. LOL

Woke up, continue work on my MMAD Task 6, finished the Main Menu Screen, spent at least 4 hours on it. Will be completing 2 or more screens by tomorrow. Also continue work on my MMPJ Assignment.

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No TBCM Today

TBCM didn’t come today, waste my time, if not can sleep more because it is the first lesson of the day. We have 2 TBCM lessons today, thus free 2 hours. Today is my classmate Elaine’s 19th birthday, went to Clementi Bengawan Solo to buy a coffee cake during the free time, so that we can cut it during our lunch break time.

As usual, people do sabo her thats why birthday people very “cham” one. The coffee cake tastes nice. LOL

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PCT & VBAS Tests

As usual, went to school for breakfast before taking my PCT online quiz. The test was suppose to last for 90 minutes for 50 questions, I finished it in 20 minutes and scored 83/100, not too bad 2nd highest. The highest was 86/100, one of my classmates.

After the PCT test, is my VBAS practical test. The test lasts for 2 hours. We did a Tic-Tac-Toe game in Visual Basic. I have completed the whole thing except the algorithm within 30 minutes. Spent 1 hour on the stupid algorithms. I thought it was not so easy at first and the first solution I thought of is rather inefficient, so I think more complicated, the more I think the further I drifting away from the logic. So no choice use the inefficient way. After the test ask some of my classmate what algorithm they use, they all uses the same algorithm. Crap, should not think so complicated.

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MMAS Practical Test

Went to school for breakfast today before going for my MMAS practical test.

The test duration is 2 hours, I thought it was 2 hours and 30 minutes at first. LOL. The test is quite difficult, spent 30 minutes on just a stupid Lingo scripting but luckily got it to work few minutes before times up, and hence completing it in time. =D

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