Went to BDCC after school with Elaine to help her out on her registration of driving and to get my driving booklet stamped for the fixed group. Didn’t realized my group G2066 from Bronze become Gold. Luckily I registered early so I am paying the bronze price. LOL.

Will be attending the theory lessons again on Thursday, then aim to take the FTT practice and evaluation next week and hope that by August can pass my FTT.

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Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant

Went to Hans at Pickering Street for breakfast before proceeding to Suntec’s City. Bought 2×50 Smartbuy CDRs to stock up, left only about 20 at home. I always buy Smartbuy CDRs, used to it. Sometimes when you are always using the same thing, it will be hard for you to change and you tend to take it for granted. Quote “Somethings Do Change, While Somethings Never Change”.

Walked around Suntec till around 3pm before heading home.

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Home Run

Just came home. Been months since I came home so late. Out for more then 12 hours. Had my ELIT lecture in the morning at LT4A. Was lost and could not find the place. End up meeting Jacky and co before going in.

Kinda enjoy my ELIT lecture, he is not exactly a lecturer but is a lawyer and he can really make the lecture very interesting with his jokes. One of the best lecturer.

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Wu Ding (Roof Top)

Went to foodcourt 1 for lunch. The western food there is very famous for years. After eating, on our way to the bus stop, got caught by a lecturer there for no wearing my lanyard. Luckily just warning only as we are from school of ICT. But that lecturer say he will send a mail to our director about this. How unlucky can my this semester get. All the way downhill for me.

Went to meet my client at HPB. After the meeting, we went to the open space at 2nd level which we called “Wu Ding(Roof Top)” to further discuss about fyp. It is quite handy to have a laptop around at times, but the downside is that the battery can last for 2 hours only.

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Tidying My MP3s

Spend the whole afternoon tidying, renaming and re-organizing all my english mp3s, totaling to about 1900 songs. Shall be doing that to my 200 chinese mp3s tomorrow. My ratio of english mp3s to chinese mp3s is like 1:10. LOL. Now all my english mp3s have proper ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.

Borrowed from WilloWisp a splitter to further split my SCV point to test whether there will be a lose in signal if I buy a new TV and put it in my room. To my surprise, the signal lost is very minimal. My room SCV point will have 3 splits, 1 to my brother’s room TV and 2 to my room(TV and Internet).

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Bad Boys II

Actually wanted to meet my client today, but he got a few meetings, thus our meeting is postponed to Friday after 5pm. Because of this I am able to make it for my first National Skill(Web Design Trade) meeting today.

I didn’t really mention that I am taking part in National Skill Competition for the Web Design Trade. Was chosen by my GAME lecturer to enter the National Skill Competition along with 2 of my classmates, Elaine and Hangwei. 3 from DMMT, 2 from DIT, 3 from DICT. Total 8 persons, but only 6 can make it to represent SP.

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FYP Article Section Done

Went to Long John Silver for lunch with Lian opposite City Hall MRT station. Not too sure what you called that building. My memory is not in a good state now so cannot really remember stuffs. I really don’t want to think of this issue, but I just can’t control my mind.

If only no one is involved besides we two, I think I will feel better. Now I really hope that the FYP can stress me till that I will not think of this issue. It really hurts.

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Tomb Raider 2

Didn’t went to school today. Nothing to discuss for us programmers. Watched Tomb Raider 2: Cradle Of Life with Reaper and gang. Before the show played an hour of LAN at E-Games. Long time since I been there. Anyway, E-Zone at Cineleisure has closed down. Kinda sad, it has been there for many years liao and all those memories. LOL

The movie lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. So-so only the movie. According to Klaus, Cineleisure opened a new restaurant. Is 2-in-1 Japanese BBQ. The plate can cook both food and can make ice cream. Very unique. One day must go try that.

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The Gathering

Had breakfast at some cantonese restaurant today at Apollo Center. It is the worst tim sum I have ever eaten. Paid $79 for this type of lousy tim sum. I still think that Lei Garden is still the best tim sum restaurant in Singapore.

Went to Waterloo Street to pray after that. Prayed for my driving, my grandmother also prayed because she is not feeling good. Went to Orchard after that with my family before meeting my friends at 3pm.

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Boon Tong Kee

Went to Suntec City with Reaper for a walk to look for my friend’s gift. Bought it from a shop beside Giordano, the name of the shop just slipped off my mind. The shop sales woman really provide excellent customer even though we are just students. I just can’t really stand those shop which look down on us, students. Is like we give them an impression that we are just to see see and not interested in it and abit heck care us.

Went to Boon Tong Kee at River Valley for dinner. The menu changed alot and the standard of food dropped. The portion also decrease in size but price remains the same.

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