Grandmother Feeling Sick

Didn’t went to school today, thus slept till 1pm today. Went for lunch with my Mom at Chin Swee Road hawker center.

My grandmother is feeling sick but after consulting many doctors and taking x-rays, doctors say she is fine, nothing is wrong. I think older generation people worry and think too much. They are fine, but their mind keeping telling them they are sick. Haiz.

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Feeling Sad

Nothing much to blog about yesterday. Tried out ASP with MS SQL, it works. Somehow I find ASP is similar to PHP and not as complicated as ASP.NET. Hope still can make it as we do not have a choice but to use ASP with MS SQL.

Was very sleepy in school today, maybe not enough sleep on the previous day. Nowadays I somehow like to take MRT to Tiong Bahru then take 123 home rather than taking 147/14 then change to 275. Funny. Duration almost the same.

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FYP Major Problem

Just when we are about to get started programming for our FYP. Another major problem came out. The IT personnal emailed me saying that they do not have the .NET framework installed. Now whatever stuffs we lean about ASP.NET is somehow wasted. Argh, now must think of some solutions.

Seriously, the start of this semester hasn’t been very good for me. Lots of bad things happen to me and the fyp. Haiz =(

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New Bookshelf

Slept at 2.30am last night. Was playing CS with my friends. Woke up at around 11.30am today.

Had breakfast at Amara Hotel. Ate the Korean food. Opposite Amara Hotel, there is a condominium showflat. Not too sure of its name. I think the manager there is one of the actors of Unbeatables II. A unit of it cost around $1 million. =_=!

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Marina South Steamboat

Went for dinner with my secondary school friends at Marina South steamboat. One of them is going in to army soon. So this dinner is so called his last dinner. LOL. He will be enlisting on 28th of this month. Marina South is always so crowded on weekends. The bus 400 always so full, so no choice have to walked all the way from the MRT to the steamboat there. Around 45 minutes walk.

Total 12 of us, sat in 3 joined circular tables. Stayed there for almost 2 hours, talking and eating. Haha. Makes me temporay forget my sadness for the past few hours.

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Crash Course

Went to school for ASP.NET crash course for about 2 hours. Know a little bit more. Still prefer lecturers than book.

Went to my mom’s office to help out with her computer stuffs. It brings back good memories about Lian and I when she was working for my mom last year. For that past 2 months, went to fetch her from work. And now in a blink of an eye, it is gone.

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Thought It Through

Went to Ikea for dinner. Quite a number of weeks since I last went there. Bought a new bookshelf from there. Cost around $100+. My old bookshelf is too small and is on the verge of collapsing as the wood are bend in the middle. Think will fixed it tomorrow.

Talked to Stacey, somehow I think that she can be a good counselor. She managed to enlightened me and make me think it through again.

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Love Hurts

Went for lunch at Ngee Ang City today at Mos Burger. Sweet memories start coming back =|. They are having a food fair there. Tried the Italian ice cream, quite expensive, $2.80 for a small cup. Mom went to claim her Bread Talk’s birthday cake voucher from Starhub shop at Wisma Atria. My brother bought the new shaky fries from Mac Donalds. Not that bad.

Went to Best Denki and saw a new Sony Vaio laptop. It is cool and the features is good. The price best, almost $4000. Can buy 2 desktop computers.

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