Fathers’ Day

Woke up early at about 10am although I slept at 4am the night before. Went for breakfast at Hotel Phoenix Café to celebrate fathers’ days. Tried the so called famous Nasi Lemak there. I don’t see what so special about it. LOL. It tastes so normal.

Went to BBDC to book my fixed instructor. Chose one of the bronze group because it is recommended by my uncle’s friend who is working in BBDC. When taking the practical exams, the examiner will be from Traffic Police. My uncle also working part time in Traffic Police for 10 over years liao. Haha, hope can play cheat, ask my uncle bribe that examiner. LOL

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Hush Puppies

Boring Saturday, stayed at home the whole day learning how to generate html static file from php and how to use the self-made templating system.

Went to Zion Road Hawker Center for dinner. As usual ate the prawns noodle there. My mom wanted to tried out the prawn noodle soup. Went over to Great World City later to buy my dad’s shoe from hush puppies. My dad previous hush puppies shoes lasted him for 5 years. LOL

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Friday The 13th

Had lunch today with my mom and brother at Great World City. Ate Kenny Rogers. Think about 3 months since I last ate that with Lian at Marina Square.

Came home played Warcraft III with Lian till evening and continued designing a layout for my CMS. So far so good. Really lack of ideas when it comes to design.

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Novena Square

Lian came my house today to burn some CD. Later went to Novena Square foodcourt for lunch. One of the best looking foodcourt in Singapore. I just simply love the design of the foodcourt. had the Tom Tam Ban Mian. Taste good. The more I drink the soup, the tastier it is. LOL

Walked around Novena Square later on. Nothing much to see also. This is my 2nd time to Novena Square.

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Joe Millionaire

Went to Bukit Merah for lunch. The fried kuey tiao there is nice. I think been at least a year since I last been to there. Nothing changed. Still quite old or rather run-down.

Came home played a few rounds of Warcraft III with Lian before doing some cleaning up of my codes.

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Hans At Pickering Street

Had lunch today with my Mom at the newly open Hans at Pickering Street. To be more exact, it is located at 1st level of Pidemco Center. The design of this Hans looks very grand. It was like eating in a hotel coffee house, the music and ambient. I think this will be their main branch outlet as there is a bakery there too.

Played a round of Warcraft III with Lian in the afternoon before she went off. After that went back to coding. Now must again design a layout for my this news system. Read several web development forums regarding security and efficiency issues on PHP. Learnt alot about them after reading it, and when I look back, all my previous coding works was not that efficient and there are some security loop holes. Sigh.

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Bad Morning

Had a bad morning. Woke up, went to take a bath and when I wanted to turn off the tap, the tap cannot be turned off because some parts of the tap broke. Further more the water is not leaking out, is flowing out. Quickly took out extra pails as not to waste those water. Woke my brother up to look after it, while I went downstairs to off the main water switch for my home.

Rush off to meet Lian at Clementi after that for breakfast. As it was still early after eating breakfast, went to Jurong Point for a walk and to return Lian’s library books. She is really a bookworm. LOL

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Handphones & Sim Card

Woke up in the afternoon today. Went to buy my brother’s Nokia 6100 from M1 shop at Paragon. After trading in Nokia 8250, pay around $220 for the phone. My brother’s old Nokia 7210 will be giving to my mom. So unlucky my mom’s sim card cannot be used in the phone because it is too old. I think it is more than 5 years old.

Went to Hello@Orchard to get the sim card upgraded. Singtel service is quite good except for the buying of phone. The CSO change my mom sim card which is GSM 1800 to GSM 900 and transfer all the phonebook contacts in the old sim card into the new sim card free of charge. That time went to M1, they cannot even transfer.

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Very Crowded PC Show

Had minced pork noodle for breakfast/lunch at bestway building. Came home and went out with my uncle again to Singapore Expo to see the PC show exhibition. He wanted to buy digital camera.

It is a Saturday, everywhere was so packed. Take me about 10 minutes to walk from the screening area to the expo hall because there were so much people, we are like pigs queuing up waiting to be slaughtered. LOL

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Finding Nemo

Woke up very early today. 8.30am. LOL. Met Lian at 10am for breakfast at Tampines’s MacDonalds. Ate the Singa porridge. They put so much ginger in it. I think I am eating ginger porridge rather than chicken porridge.

Watched Finding Nemo at 11.30am. Movie lasted about 100 minutes. I like the movie, cool animation, nice storyline and humorous at the same time. Must watched if you are a cartoon lover. But beware of small kids making so much noises like talking in the cinemas.

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