Last Week For The Year

Today is week 52th, last week for the year 2002. Next Monday which is 30th December 2002 will be the first week of the year 2003. Christmas in just 26 hours time.

Lian bought breakfast for me, MacDonalds Sausage McMuffins, thought it is expensive, didn’t know MacDonalds is having a promotion, 1 McMuffin for only $1, this is such a good promotion, love the McMuffins.

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Of Jams And Buses (II)

Warning : “Long Post Ahead” lolz

Went to Scotts foodcourt for breakfast, add Creamy Chicken from Pasta Mania and drank the soup from a stall that sells alot of soups, don’t really know what stall is it. The soup tastes great, can considered one of the best western soups I ever drank.

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Praying Tai Sui

Went to eat Claypot Laksa at Depot Road, long time since I ate it, it is so nice and it is very famous, lunch time always crowded, thus we went after lunch time. LOL

After that, went to my house downstairs the temple there to pray “Tai Sui”, the Chinese should know what is it. Throw a couple of coins at the temple’s fountain bell, hit twice, not an easy task. Always will waste some coins on that whenever I visit that temple. Hehe

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Tired Yesterday

Too tired to blog yesterday, slept at 11pm last night. Nothing much happen, just the same old usual weekday.

Went to Suntec City’s Tower Records to look for Kinki Kids F Album with Lian, she said it is out in December, but looks like it is not out in Singapore yet, maybe only Japan.

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Secondary School Classmates Chalet BBQ

Went to my secondary school classmates chalet’s bbq today after going to Bugis Junction with Lian. Saw XiuHui at Bugis Junction, we was just righ behind her, no wonder her back look so familer. LOL

Reached Aranda County Club’s chalets, didn’t know must pay entrance fee, $1. Found the room, 2314 at 2nd level, went it. It looks so nice, quite class, almost like a hotel, one of the nicest chalet I have ever been, but too bad SAFRA is still bigger and cheaper. And it is quite troublesome to bbq, the bbq pit is at downstairs.

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Oily Lunch

Lian worked full day at my house today, finished extracting and resizing the pictures of the 3rd batch of products, left uploading the pics, adding in information and extracting the 4th batch of products for the catalog. This has to be done in 6 days.

Went to Great World City’s foodcourt for lunch, add the Beef with Spring Onions and Ginger, Lian add the same but it is chicken instead of beef, her food is so oily until can see the rice being soak in oil, but mine is not that oily. LOL. Also bought Lian a Christmas card from Hallmark, love Hallmark’s cards for their quality although it is expensive. Guess what you pay is what you get as there is a saying from me, “Good Things Are Never Cheap, And Cheap Things Are Never Good”.

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Apache Blues

Will be ranting alot in this blog post, so bear with it. Hehe

Slept at 5am yesterday, played Warcraft III till 3am, spent the next 2 hours trying to configure php as a SAPI module in Apache2 on my computer, but no matter how I try still couldn’t get it to work. Decided to give up and post help on SitePoint Forums and wait for the answer on the next day.

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Rainy Sunday Morning

Slept till 3.30pm today, was raining so heavy and so nice to sleep. LOL, woke up started coding my Food Module after planning out the whole structure yesterday. It will contain the best eating places in Singapore, got about 200 records to be inserted into the database and more to come as time passes. Finished coding the main part, now left the admin section which will allow you to add/modify/delete records. I have uploaded one screenshot, click here to view it.

Went to Bukit Merah to eat the “Hong Kong Street Cooked Food” again, kinda addicted to the food. Finished 1 whole plate of fried hor-fun with fish which cost $8 by myself, as that is like my only meal of the day.

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Raining Friday The 13th

Posted this for the 3rd time, don’t know why the damm data is not inserted into the database after I clicked submit, and the page refresh without the data being inserted. Grrr.

Today is Friday The 13th, the second Friday The 13th of the year, the first one was in September. Has been raining for about 2 times today, 1 in the afternoon and a heavy one in the evening.

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Cooling Night

Did not play any Warcraft III yesterday night, Reaper wanted to watch television, so end up not playing. Sleep quite early, about 1am.

Ate vegetable rice from my house’s coffeeshop, well I must say it tastes quite good, another stall which is good other than the Western Food, Wan Ton Mee and Lor Mee.

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