Friends came over to my house to do MMAD Assignment Task 2, deadline due for our group in on 7th February 2003, right after Chinese New Year. Sian. Hate being the first group to do presentation, you don’t know what to expect and what question teacher will ask, even though you will have priority in choosing the presentation topic.

Talked to Lian on the phone in the evening as usual. Today marks the 5th month we have been together. LOL, how times flies.

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Lian’s Shopping Spree

Bought bus concession stamp at Hougang South Interchange. Proceed to the National Library after that to return Lian’s borrowed book. Ate the fishball noodle from the coffeshop there. Nice and cheap too, $3 and so much ingredient, and the fishballs so big. LOL

Went to This Fashion at Douby Ghaut to look for Lian’s clothes, she could not find what she want. So later we went to Plaza Singapura, Lian bought a shirt from Diamaru, they having sales there as they closing down in March.

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Last Minute CNY Shopping

Went to Great World City for dinner. Brother and I ate the Express Teppanyaki. After dinner went to Cold Storage to buy some groceries. Wanted to some Nike socks from Royal Sporting House, but they only got white colored ones and I wanted those colored ones.

Went to OG later as my brother wanted to look for table tennis shoes, But he could not find it and all of us ended up shopping for Chinese New Year. Dad bought a shirt, brother bought some 37° t-shirts and an OP shirt, and I bought an OP shirt, same design as my brother. Bought Lian a 37° t-shirt too. Mom wanted to buy a Giordano 3/4 shorts, but end up not buying because she say not worth the price. LOL =D

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Favourite Module

Had my VB practical today, I must say that is my favourite module. It is so fun and at the same time it is quite easy. Hope can get an AD for it. Nothing much happen in school, the usual stuffs.

Came home, spent the whole night(till now) to get my site up and running, and as you can see it is almost 99% up. The 1% is for missing pages, broken links and minor bugs. will be redirect to this url from tomorrow 10am on-wards.

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Wanted to go Plaza Singapuras foodcourt for lunch, but when we reach there, we found of there the foodcourt is gone. Not too sure whether it is under renovations or it is closed forever.

Went to Basement 2 to look for food to eat. End up eating Pasta Mania. Tried the Japanese Potatoes at 1 of the food stall, not too sure of the name. It is so expensive, cost me $1.50 for a small piece of that. Nevertheless, it is delicious.

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Kinki Kids Pictorial Book

School also ended early for both of us. Went to Scotts foodcourt for lunch. Ate the Korea Food there. Went to Ngee Ann Citys Kinokoniya to look for Lians Kinki Kids Pictorial Book. We could not find it there, was quite disappointed. Went to Herren for a walk, went to the fourskin shop in Annex, surprise to see fourskin got so many new design t-shirts. But I didnt buy any as I think I have enough t-shirts. Hehe

Another short day of school tomorrow. Will end at 1pm and be watching Hero at GV Plaza. I had already book the ticket using my moms credit card. The debit card I got is really lousy, cannot even use it for online transaction. Will be cancelling it after a year and maybe will apply for POSB debit card as it is using Master Card.

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Sengkang Community Library

Went to Compass Point after school today. School ended early for Lian and I today. Lian wanted to go to Sengkang Community Library which is located in Compass Point, as that is the only Library in Singapore that have the book she wanted and is not onload.

Shop around the center until about 5pm then we go had our dinner. Lian ate a little as she still need to go home for dinner, but for me that is my dinner. LOL

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First Red Packet

Friends come over to my place to do MMAD assignment in the afternoon. We are doing on Warcraft III : Reign Of Chaos. As I have done it for my DEUI last semester, alot of information and pictures can be reused. Saved us the trouble to find it again. Rumoured there will be a new expansion for Warcraft III very soon, called Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Watch out Blizzard site for the next few days.

Talk to Lian on the phone in the evening, that has become our weekly routine.

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Koichi Domoto Shock Digest DVD

Went to City Links HMV to buy Lians Koichi Domoto Shock Digest DVD. Wanted to give her surprise. Hehe.

Suppose to meet her at Boon Lay MRT Station, but when I reach there, she called me say she havent finished formating Jeans computer problem. So ended up meeting her at Jeans house. That was my first visit to her house. Pass Lian the dvd and she was surprise. Hehe, my plan is successful.

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Valentine’s Day Card

Went for lunch at Clementi, add the Wan Ton Mee there, the stall I always eat when I am at the Clementi Market. It is so nice. Didn’t had lunch with Lian she went to eat with her friends. Girls Talk. LOL

Took MRT to Eunos with Lian, later I decided to go to Heartland Mall for dinner and Lian accompanied me. Hehe had Burger King for dinner. Mushroom Swiss Burger. Yummy.

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