School Reopens

Did nothing much today, except for fixing some codes and playing BroodWar with Lian. Called her in the evening to have some chit chat as usual.

Wanted to buy new shoes today at Queensway, but who knows the carpark there is full and opposite the HDB carpark is also full. End up didn’t went there and went to Henderson Coffeeshop to eat the Teochew Porridge for dinner.

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Hair Cut

Ate the famous Minced Pork Noodle at BestWay Building. Been months since I ate that.

Later went to my Everton’s Park to have my hair cut with my grandmother. She also wanted to wash her hair. Cost me $16 for a haircut and washing hair. I love the washing hair part because they massage your scalp as they wash, so comfortable. LOL

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J-Friends CD

Went to fetch Lian to my house from Kembangan MRT Station. She came my house to do some minor correction of my mom’s website, which only takes about 15 minutes. LOL

Went to Causeway Point again after that to look-see look-see as that time didn’t get to walk the whole shopping center as it was quite big and we went there quite late. Ate Fiesta Japanese Restaurant for dinner, cost us about $30.

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Went to Bank with my mom this afternoon to activate my moi account. Now it has been activated, wohoo, can use. Also lower the maximum debit limit to $1000 instead of $3000. Hehe

My HWM magazine came today, woo, they got an article abut the microprocessor(1971 – beyond) and also reviewed about NVDIA’s latest card, GeForce FX. Woot

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Elective Modules Out

After 5 days of delay, my elective modules is finally released. Wohoo, Lian and I got in to those electives we chose.
Here are my modules for Semester 2:


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2003 New Year Eve

Last day of year 2002. Went down to my house’s coffeeshop to eat chicken shredded noodle for lunch, while waiting for bus took out my discman, realised one side of my headphones is spoilt because the right part got no sound. Grrrr. Was so angry, speaker spoilt and next my headphones, sound devices, sighz.

Met Lian at Hougang, later went to Hougang South Bus Interchange to buy tertiary bus pass, wow the queue sure is long, but not choice have to buy, my pass will expire on 1st January 2003. At least the counter staff is fast, so within 30 minutes is our turn.

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Speaker Problems

Thought it will be a boring day today, but it is a busy day for me. Site is up thanks to Abnormal, spend the whole afternoon fixing codes on the site because new version of php has been installed need to recode some stuffs.

Played 1 round of Starcraft : BroodWar, with Lian and her friends, played 3v2 humans. We won because we are the 3. LOL. What a silent game with no sound.

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Went To Pray

Boring day for me today, stayed at home almost the whole day doing nothing.

Went to Waterloo Street’s temple to pray because school is reopening soon. Normally my mom will bring me go pray, before school and exams start and after school and exams ended.

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The Cat Returns

Been out the whole day for almost 12 hours. Went to Far East Plaza to see the newly renovated area with Lian. Basically the whole of Basement 1 or was it Level 1. LOL. Nothing much to shop, very spacious and about 5 food stalls. Before that, add lunch at Scotts food-court, had creamy chicken from Pasta Mania, was quite hungry so I think only pasta can make me full. LOL

Went to CK Tangs to look-see look-see, still nothing much to do, so decided to watch movie, but not sure what movie to watch, wanted to watch LOTR: The Two Towers again, so we went to GV at Plaza Singapure, queue was long and LOTR: The Two Towers was selling out very fast. So we ended up watching a Japanese Anime, The Cat Returns. The language is in Japanese, overall show is not bad better than some hollywood movies but too bad it lasted only about 1 hour.

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