PC Technology

Had my first lesson on PC Technology, well it was quite fun and the computer lab was cold. I think I am going to love this module. Imagine learning all those stuffs which is related to computers hardware which is also know as A+.

Will be re-uploading my site to Anti-Me server tonight, Orientek domain name may take up to a month or 2 before it is release, thus in the mean time I shall host my site on Anti-Me.

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Koichi Domoto 2003-2004 Calendar

Went to Orchard after school with Lian to look for some stuffs. Lian wanted to order the œKoichi Domoto/ 2003-2004 Johnnys Calendar Official Edition? from Kinokoniya, but the ordering date is over. She was quite disappointed.

Went to Hereen after that, bought a fourskin t-shirt. It was a new and nice design. Bought it so that I can wear it during Chinese New Year

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Printing Modules Notes

As usual a boring Sunday. Lian and I spend nearly the whole afternoon printing my course notes, at least 200 pages, for all the 7 modules I am taking. First time I am so hardworking, if not normally I will only print it when exams is near as need the notes to study for exams. But I dont think I will read through till exams is near, maybe just bring to lecture for show. LOL

Uninstalled some games as I dont think I will play it. Finally I has enough space to defrag the games drive. Just for your information I got 8 drives of 10gb each. Hehe

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Boring Core Modules

I must say MMAD and MMAS lectures are so boring, so dry. Not only that, I find that this semester core modules all are boring and dry, unlike the electives. The electives are much more interesting and the lecturer who is teaching it is also good.

Went for lunch at foodcourt 4 with Lians close friends. Long time since I met up with them. Last time I met them was at 7th December 2002, where they come my house stay overnight. Ate the Japanese Food there, not too bad.

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Visual Basic

Had lecture till 1pm today. Went to Clementi for lunch as the foodcourt is quite crowded. Ate the Katong Laksa there. Long time never eat Laksa. Taste so nice.

Took my first lesson of Visual Basic today, well it was quite fun. Lecturer is quite good. The language seems to be almost the same as Java, but easier than Java, more interesting than Java and less laggy than Java. Woo got to love VB next to PHP.

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School end at 1pm for me today. After school went to buy the final 2 books, cost me about $60 also. Overall spent about $200 on textbooks. Spent the most on textbooks for this semester.

Went to Orchard Cineleisures foodcourt for lunch, been months since I ate there. Ate the duck rice there. It is nice, if not it will not be surviving for so long. I still find Orchard Cineleisures foodcourt is one of the best foodcourt in Singapore as most of the food selling there are nice. Scottss foodcourt is not bad either.

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Shoulder Aching

Thought there is no PCT lecture today at 5pm, was so happy, but who knows when we double confirm with the lecturer there is one. Long break of 6 hours. Definitely we are not staying in school for the 6 hours.

Bought 2 more books, cost me $61, one is Director 8 and Lingo and the other is VB.NET with Database Access. The books is quite heavy.

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School Starts

Went to school at 10am today for breakfast. First lesson was a practical lesson. All the old computer lab has been upgraded to Pentium 4 2.40 Ghz, a 48x24x48 Iomega CD Write and some labs even with Philips 15 Inch LCD Screen. Power.

All of it is better than my computer, sighz. Technology gets outdated so fast.

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School Reopens

Did nothing much today, except for fixing some codes and playing BroodWar with Lian. Called her in the evening to have some chit chat as usual.

Wanted to buy new shoes today at Queensway, but who knows the carpark there is full and opposite the HDB carpark is also full. End up didn’t went there and went to Henderson Coffeeshop to eat the Teochew Porridge for dinner.

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Hair Cut

Ate the famous Minced Pork Noodle at BestWay Building. Been months since I ate that.

Later went to my Everton’s Park to have my hair cut with my grandmother. She also wanted to wash her hair. Cost me $16 for a haircut and washing hair. I love the washing hair part because they massage your scalp as they wash, so comfortable. LOL

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