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Server Specifications
This site can be considered running on a dedicated server as it only host 30 other domains which belongs to friends and families of both Michael and I. This server is housed at M1 Connect (previously known as Qala). It has 1mbps guaranteed and 10mbps burstable bandwidth.

I also have a backup server provided by Vodien Internet Solutions which I will rysnc to manually every week.

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After almost 24 hours of downtime, finally the site is back online. We are there at REACH Datacenter to remove the server at 10pm and after that we reached Qala Datacenter about 11pm. 2 mistakes on our part, firstly we did not bring any CentOS installation DVD to install on Derrick Server and hence we wasted about 2 hours to download the file via torrent at 500KB/s. Since all of us are using old laptops, it took us about 45 minutes just to burn and verify the DVD. The first DVD that we burnt using Michael laptop, the server has problem reading it. Only at the second attempt using my laptop, it works. Hence we wasted another 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The second and biggest mistake of all is we (Derrick and I) forgot to change our Direct Admin license registered IP, the license is still being tag to our old server and hence DirectAdmin cannot start. By this time it is about 4am and everybody is tired, decided to pack up at 5am and went home, after dropping Derrick at Jurong East interchange Michael and I went to my mom office to collect his monitor that he has left it there. Derrick called me and say that his Direct Admin license IP has been updated and asked me to check mine, and yeap, mine is updated as well. Michael updated the license on our server and it just took 5 minutes. Went for breakfast after that at the canteen below my mom office as it operates 24 hours. After everything was done, it was about 6am. Sent Michael home and reached home about 7am.

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Some minor updates to and hence I bump the site version to 3.30:

The remaining optimization involved upgrading my plugins used on this site as well to WordPress 2.8 nightly which is not recommended for a production site and hence I will only further optimize this site’s JavaScript when WordPress 2.8 comes out in March/April.

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I have upgraded to WordPress 2.7 alongside with all my updated plugins. Please let me know if you find any bugs on this site by dropping me an email or posting it in the comments. Thanks a lot =)

The update is smooth and it only takes about 30 minutes. Not much compatibility issue here except I have to uninstall my WP-Sticky as WordPress 2.7 has already a sticky post feature built in.

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Spend more than 10 hours to modify layout to make it iPhone/iPod Touch viewable. At the moment, you can only view blog post and not pages. I have no plans to make the pages iPhone/iPod Touch viewable yet as it is a lot of work and I don’t find it necessary.

Just point your iPhone or iPod Touch to and it will detect your user agent and serve you the iPhone/iPod Touch layout if you are using either of the devices. on iPhone (Portrait - Width: 320px) on iPhone (Portrait – Width: 320px)

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I am a sucker when it comes to changelog. I document almost every changes I made to my WordPress plugins’ under their respective changelog and I am hopping to bring that good habbit to this site as well.

It has been 1 month since the launch of Version 3.0. Along the way I fixed many bugs and added a few new features to the site.

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I have brought forward the launch of a few days in advanced as I may not be free on the 9th June 2008 which is the original intended date of launch.

After more than 4 years of using the same layout, the old layout (version 2.0) has been finally replaced with this newer (version 3.0) layout. I think some of you may find this layout a little dull as compared to the previous layout because of the colors used. I am trying to come out with a variety of color schemes if possible because of the colors are controlled by CSS, the only limitation is choose the color. Do note that I am not a designer but a programmer. Most programmers are poor designers and most designers are poor programmers.

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