Hari Raya Puasa

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Today marks the end of the fasting period for the muslim and this day is known as Hari Raya Puasa.

Just came back from supper at Henderson Market, as usual ate the Yong Tao Foo there, waited for 1 hour just to eat it, the stall auntie always serves people they know first, in another words cutting queue, and that sucks.

Booked Die Another Day Tickets

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Woke up at 1.30pm today although I sleep at 12mn yesterday, the more I sleep, the more comfortable to sleep. LOL. Meet my dad at the coffeshop for lunch, ate Lor Mee, he went fishing at Sentosa the bridge, caught nothing. While eating his friend say that in the future crystal will replace silicon in computer chips. Sounds interesting, and in order to cut crystal you need diamond cutter. By the way, he is the salesman of the diamond cutter. LOL.

After eating, dad fetch me to mom’s office took the remaining pictures of the products. Accompany Lian to Tiong Bahru Plaza after work to eat KFC’s SoftServe Ice-Cream, then send her to Eunos.

Inbox Messages Deleted

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Ate lunch with Lian at my house downstairs coffee-shop, the 2nd batch is completed, the pictures of the 4th batch has been taken, still got some left, will be taking it tomorrow at my mom’s office. Lian will not be coming my house tomorrow because my mom’s clerk got something on and will be leaving early, so she need to cover her work. Further more my mom got a meeting at 3pm tomorrow with Bread Talk’s manager.

So I will be going my mom’s office at about 2pm to take the remaining pictures and accompany Lian. Hehe

Warcraft III Demo Out

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Blizzard has released Warcraft III demo yesterday. Here is the storyline of Warcraft III demo:

After receiving an ominous warning from a mysterious prophet, the Orc warchief Thrall must guide his warriors to a strange new land in this fully playable demo of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Whether you’re new to real-time strategy or a skilled veteran, you’ll be in for a challenge as you navigate the Orcs through lush 3D environments and lead them into battle against those who stand in their way. Can you rally the Horde in the face of extinction?

Claypot Rice

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Nothing really interesting happen today, went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch, ate the Fish Claypot Rice, got scolding by Lian for eating the burnt rice, I ate it because burnt rice is the best part of the Claypot Rice. LOL

Left 1 product’s price my mom missed out, other than that the 2nd batch can be considered done. Will be taking pictures of the 4th batch tomorrow, these pictures will not be put up in the internet, rather it will be used for catalog.

Its December

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We have reached the last month of the year, before you know it, it is year 2003. How time flies as there is a saying, “Time And Tide Wait For No Man”.

Went to eat supper last night at Henderson Market at about 12.30am, ate the Yong Tao Foo there, queued for 30 minutes before it is our turn, it is very cheap, almost everything is priced at 20 cents. Thought it was good, but after eating it, it is just average, the only thing special is that they put chili padi into the soup.

X-Mas Site Color

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Changed the site color to red for Christams, actually this color exsists very long ago already, for Christmas I made this color as the default color, added some Snow Flakes falling down, is abit lag because it uses JavaScript. Will be changing the top image to some x-mas picture if possible.

Why if possible? Because I sucks in art. LOL

GhostShip Again

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Went to Great World City to eat lunch with my mom, bro and of course Lian. Ate the teppanyaki there, long time since I ate it. Hehe.

Later on went to M1 to buy Lian’s Nokia 8250, my mom paid for her first because she didn’t bring along her money and it is my fault because I forgot to tell her that there is an M1 shop there. Hehe.

Computer Blues

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Again went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch, nothing much to eat at my house’s below coffeeshops(there are 2). Ate the vegetable rice, wow most expensive vegetable rice I have eaten, 2 meat and 2 vegetables cost $5, Lian ate 1 meat and 3 vegetables cost $4. But lucky the food isn’t so bad.

Finished capturing all the product images and tracing it out on Adobe PhotoShop 7(Lian is very fast and precise in this). Pro. If I was to do it, think will take half a day. Hehe