Sengkang Community Library

Went to Compass Point after school today. School ended early for Lian and I today. Lian wanted to go to Sengkang Community Library which is located in Compass Point, as that is the only Library in Singapore that have the book she wanted and is not onload.

Shop around the center until about 5pm then we go had our dinner. Lian ate a little as she still need to go home for dinner, but for me that is my dinner. LOL

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First Red Packet

Friends come over to my place to do MMAD assignment in the afternoon. We are doing on Warcraft III : Reign Of Chaos. As I have done it for my DEUI last semester, alot of information and pictures can be reused. Saved us the trouble to find it again. Rumoured there will be a new expansion for Warcraft III very soon, called Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Watch out Blizzard site for the next few days.

Talk to Lian on the phone in the evening, that has become our weekly routine.

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Koichi Domoto Shock Digest DVD

Went to City Links HMV to buy Lians Koichi Domoto Shock Digest DVD. Wanted to give her surprise. Hehe.

Suppose to meet her at Boon Lay MRT Station, but when I reach there, she called me say she havent finished formating Jeans computer problem. So ended up meeting her at Jeans house. That was my first visit to her house. Pass Lian the dvd and she was surprise. Hehe, my plan is successful.

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Valentine’s Day Card

Went for lunch at Clementi, add the Wan Ton Mee there, the stall I always eat when I am at the Clementi Market. It is so nice. Didn’t had lunch with Lian she went to eat with her friends. Girls Talk. LOL

Took MRT to Eunos with Lian, later I decided to go to Heartland Mall for dinner and Lian accompanied me. Hehe had Burger King for dinner. Mushroom Swiss Burger. Yummy.

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VB Is Fun

Had my 2nd VB practical today, well I was say, VB is very fun, imagine building your own windows application. Much more fun and less laggy than Java. Maybe I like Microsoft more. But overall the concept is almost the same, except for the difference in code.

Will start building my application soon, code name œGaMerZ Application? LOL

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PC Technology

Had my first lesson on PC Technology, well it was quite fun and the computer lab was cold. I think I am going to love this module. Imagine learning all those stuffs which is related to computers hardware which is also know as A+.

Will be re-uploading my site to Anti-Me server tonight, Orientek domain name may take up to a month or 2 before it is release, thus in the mean time I shall host my site on Anti-Me.

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Koichi Domoto 2003-2004 Calendar

Went to Orchard after school with Lian to look for some stuffs. Lian wanted to order the œKoichi Domoto/ 2003-2004 Johnnys Calendar Official Edition? from Kinokoniya, but the ordering date is over. She was quite disappointed.

Went to Hereen after that, bought a fourskin t-shirt. It was a new and nice design. Bought it so that I can wear it during Chinese New Year

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Printing Modules Notes

As usual a boring Sunday. Lian and I spend nearly the whole afternoon printing my course notes, at least 200 pages, for all the 7 modules I am taking. First time I am so hardworking, if not normally I will only print it when exams is near as need the notes to study for exams. But I dont think I will read through till exams is near, maybe just bring to lecture for show. LOL

Uninstalled some games as I dont think I will play it. Finally I has enough space to defrag the games drive. Just for your information I got 8 drives of 10gb each. Hehe

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Boring Core Modules

I must say MMAD and MMAS lectures are so boring, so dry. Not only that, I find that this semester core modules all are boring and dry, unlike the electives. The electives are much more interesting and the lecturer who is teaching it is also good.

Went for lunch at foodcourt 4 with Lians close friends. Long time since I met up with them. Last time I met them was at 7th December 2002, where they come my house stay overnight. Ate the Japanese Food there, not too bad.

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