Looking Back 2022

After almost two years plus on-and-off restrictions due to COVID-19, Singapore finally opened up slowly in the year’s second half, and mask-wearing became optional for most places. Finally, we are almost back to normal. I hope in 2023, mask-wearing will become optional on public transport.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Thanks to my ex-colleague, JayJay, for the link up, I got into Roborock’s Public relations (PR) list. They have sent me two Roborock cleaners for review, the Roborock Q7 Max and Roborock G10.

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Rode PSA1+

Rode PSA1+ is a microphone/boom arm from Rode. I got it from Red Dot Photo on Lazada during 12/12 for S$141.32. The usual selling price should be about S$169.

I was using a cheap China OEM microphone arm that I bought it together with my Rode NT-USB Mini, and it is pretty bad. You can only rotate the arm if you do not tighten the clamp; even so, the rotation is not smooth. The screws protruding near the clamp area will scratch your table, which was my deal breaker. Given the price, I would say it is ok. But in my case, I would rather pay more to get a quality microphone arm instead. So that is why I went ahead and got the Rode PSA1+.

Rode PSA1+ Box Front
Rode PSA1+ Box Front

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Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable has only one length which is 1.2m and is available in two colors, Black and White. It retails for S$49. For some reason, is selling the black one for only S$40. So I decided to get that.

I have an existing Lighting to 3.5mm audio cable, which is the Belkin 3.5mm Audio Cable With Lightning Connector. But it doesn’t work with my AirPods Max.

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable - Box Front
Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable – Box Front

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NuPhy Air75

Since Li Xiang started working from the office more frequently, she would need a portable keyboard. So I decided to pass her my older Apple Magic Keyboard so that I can get a new one. Also, she loves Apple’s keyboard, and I wanted a mechanical keyboard, so our objectives are aligned.

Previously, I had the Keychron K7, but I sold it because I wanted a 75% keyboard.

NuPhy Air75 With NuPhy Folio V2 - Box
NuPhy Air75 With NuPhy Folio V2 – Box

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Rode NT-USB Mini

I always wanted to get a microphone for the cool of it since I don’t do podcasts or streaming. The primary use case for me is just for Zoom/Slack calls.

Since I wanted to buy “something” for Black Friday, I decided to get the Rode NT-USB Mini instead of Blue Yeti because the later is outdated and still using mini-USB as the port.

Rode NT-USB Mini - Box Front
Rode NT-USB Mini – Box Front

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Charby Orbit Stand – Adjustable MagSafe Stand

I was looking for a MagSafe mobile phone stand without the need to get a separate Apple MagSafe Charger, and I chanced upon the Charby Orbit Stand.

The Charby Orbit Stand retails for S$22.94, and shipping to Singapore is an additional S$12.15. It is not worth paying for shipping since the free shipping amount is only S$27 The S$27 is because of Black Friday, the normal free shipping amount is S$81. It is more worth it to get another item like the Orbit Power Bank.

Charby Orbit Stand - Box
Charby Orbit Stand – Box

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Logitech MX Master 3S Wireless Mouse

It so happens that the scroll wheel of my five years old Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse spoiled just a few days before one of the greatest sale day, the Singles Day (11/11).

Technically, it is not spoiled, but the scroll wheel is forever in free-spinning mode, aka the clicky/ratcheting is not working when the SmartShift button is being pressed. There is an article on how to fix it, but it seems the fix is not permanent. It will come back within a month, probably due to the spring being loose due to its age. You will need to tear the mouse’s feet to access the screws every time you fix it.

Logitech MX Master 3S Wireless Mouse - Box Front
Logitech MX Master 3S Wireless Mouse – Box Front

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Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable

The official retail price of the Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable is S$45 and on Apple’s Employee Purchase Plan (EPP) it retails for S$40.66.

But you can get it at S$37 at Apple Authorised Resellers on Lazada, Shopee, and That is what I tried to do, except that it is out of stock on all the above mention platforms.

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Ugreen 65W Travel Charger

Ugreen 65W Travel Charger retails for S$59.99 on Lazada and Shopee. During the 11/11 flash sale, it drops to S$41.99. Standard shipping to Singapore is free since it is above S$30.

If I am not wrong, this is Ugreen’s first travel charger. It even includes a carrying pouch, though I wish it were smaller.

Ugreen 65W Travel Charger - Box Front
Ugreen 65W Travel Charger – Box Front

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