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11 thoughts on “My WP Plugins Update April 06”

  1. Does the update for the plug-in prevent spiders from indexing sites? I updated the plug-in and Technorati’s spiders are beeing blog from indexing my site. Could the two be related?

  2. Great plugins! I’m using WP-Ratings and I love it. But unfortunately, I have users who make it a point to vote 1 all the time, for no reasons. When I delete their votes from the database, the stats on the main page is not refreshed. What can I do to get that refreshed?

  3. thanks for the compliments =D

    The Post Ratings log deletion is just for the logs. The actual data is still stored in the database and it is quite tedious to change it.

  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Can I modify their votes at least?

    My goal is to prevent morons to screw the stats. I attract a lot of jealous people and they will vote 1 just to mess things up. It would be great to go in the Ratings page and have a button ‘Delete’ or ‘Modify’ for each vote.

    My goal is to use WP-Ratings so that the favorite posts are listed in a small section. Like that, new users when they come on my blog, they can quickly read the best 10 posts and have a better idea about my blog. Blogs are so quick that sometimes, very interesting posts are lost in time..

    But jealous people are screwing things up..

  5. hey there..

    Thanks for the plugins! Awesome!

    However, your WP-EMail Demo button returns a 404. 🙁
    I wanted to see it in action before trying it out. I am looking for a plugin that allows people to just submit feedback, without haveing to leave an email, or name. Just the message field.


  6. HI Lester, How to put the wp rating and email this post etc plugins at the end of the post. I saw something on your site but not ble to understand. ANy help will be appreciated.

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