WP-Polls 2.1 Beta

I have updated my wp-polls to 2.1 beta to this site.

The poll is now AJAX based, please feel free to play around with it. I have disabled the logging of IP and cookie for the poll because I will be testing it. If not normally you can only vote once.

How Is The New AJAX WP-Polls 2.1?

  • Cool (87%, 299 Votes)
  • It Sucks (13%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 345

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10 thoughts on “WP-Polls 2.1 Beta”

  1. hi, it does not log the users voting yet because I need to do some testing, it will log IP and cookie once it is done =D

  2. It’s look very cool !
    At IE7 B2 I feel the fonts are not so nice rendered, or is it a basic problem ?

  3. guest: Meaning to say they cant see results, only after that vote? Sounds lika good feature.

    Felipe: current version of wp-polls also can log IP

    Alex: Yap, it is an IE problem but it can be solved easily by adding background color to the poll answer/results in poll-css.css which is a new file in wp-polls 2.1.

  4. Thanks. I just installed the new poll version 2.1 released today on http://www.successkey.net but I also very trouble by the fuzzy font. I see it on this site demo too. Is there a way to smooth the fonts?

    I noticed if you highlight the poll text it is not fuzzy.

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