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11 thoughts on “My Plugins Update June 2006”

  1. Hurray 😀 I’d even noted the first of June in my calendar :p

    However there seems to be a problem with WP-PostRatings : the loading icons appear next to each vote all the time (as long as you don’t vote in fact).

    Adding .post-ratings-loading {display: none;} in my stylesheet didn’t help.

  2. Why did you ignore opera ? No code is sent if Fx or ie isnt detected. Opera is perfectly capable of running this if you play it fair and send the same code to opera.

  3. could you maybe widgetize the poll please?

    what I’m doing now is just creating a new widget where it calls the function. I guess thats enough, right?

  4. I,m using most of your plugins and they are class!!!
    Any other planned plugins due soon?
    Thanks A Million

  5. GaMerZ,

    WP-PostRatings is a fantastic plugin. I would like to offer one humble suggestion.

    Once someone has rated a post, the average rating is of less importance to that person than their own rating. Perhaps the display (after rating) should remain as that person’s rating.

    If this is implemented, it gives a good way for a person to change their rating of a post. Rather than locking them from rating a post again, they can change their rating (I suppose subtracting their previous rating and adding their new rating without changing the total number of people rating the post).

    MSNBC uses an example of a rating system (at the bottom of each article) that displays the users rating, but does not allow the user to re-rate a story.

    Netflix uses a good example of a rating system that shows the users rating and allows the user to re-rate a movie.

    What do you think?

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