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  1. Hey,

    I’ve seen your plugin in action across the blogosphere but I have one simple question….

    how the HECK do I put ‘your” poll in a POST???

    It’s great that it works in the sidebar But I’d love to have it in a post.

    I use the binary Blue theme

  2. Great job you’ve done, as always.

    Can you think of any variable I can check to determine if a poll is already showing on the page via one of the posts as to not repeat showing a poll in the sidebar? Since the content runs through php before the sidebar is called up, technically this should be possible?

    Thank you.

  3. Giuseppe: ???

    _ck_: technically it is possible, I was thinking if a poll is loaded into the post, maybe

    $poll_id_loaded = array();
    $poll_id_loaded[] = ID_OF_THE_POLL;

    Then in the sidebar we can try something like this

    if(in_array(ID_OF_POLL_U_WANT_TO_CHECK, $poll_id_loaded)) {
    // Do Something

  4. The array idea is good, I decided to make it simpler just to see if ANY poll was already displayed on the page:


    function display_pollvote($poll_id) {
    global $wpdb, $poll_on_page;

    return $temp_pollvote;

    function display_pollresult($poll_id, $user_voted = 0) {
    global $wpdb, $poll_on_page;

    return $temp_pollresult;

    and in the sidebar
    if (function_exists(‘vote_poll’) && !$GLOBALS[‘poll_on_page’])

    I hope WP doesn’t eat my code but I think you have the idea anyway.
    Doesn’t seem like the smoothest technique but it works.

  5. _ck_: i see, but if there are more than 1 poll on the page, array would be better.

    Giuseppe: do u have a site of something? Maybe u can drop me an email?

  6. I made a speed improvement in WP-Polls by using CSS and div’s for the pollbars instead of loading three small images which bogs down browser loading time, even on broadband, especially for first time visitors. I doubt I am the first to think of this but just in case, here’s how it’s done:

    Your templates makes it easy, I just changed the results to something like this:


    and then stuck in my template css something like this:

    .pollbar {margin:1px; padding:1px; font-size:6px; line-height:8px; height:8px; background: #AAAA8A; border:1px solid #444;}

    The nice thing about using css is that you can change make the .pollbar class change colors or sizes based on where it’s being show automagically, ie. #menu .pollbar {} and #content .pollbar {}

    You could even make the css style the default and still use images if you so desire by placing the image as the background of the div and let it fill.

    Last but not least, because it’s a true DIV in there, you can now inject either the vote count or percentage right into the DIV as text and put text-align:center in the CSS, change the text color with color: of course.

    CSS div’s can be made to look almost as pretty as images by using various border styles for each side.

  7. hi GAmerZ just to request you very much a updat to the widget poll with a customizable title/ its very annoying to have POLLS in the sidebar when you have a site in other language !!
    thx a lot:!

  8. you can see the site from the validator, link some post ago.
    thanks for your interest

  9. I have to exclude poll archive page because don’t work good with css, remeber xhtml 1.1, and try to validate css also


  10. The theme is Jowra modified only in css and work without errors before i plugin wp-polls.

    The archive page put the sidebar under the polls, probably is the maybe go in to resolve.


    P.S where can i download 2.12 beta?
    P.S.2 to upgrade only overwrite is needed?
    P.S.3 the problem go away with the 2.12 beta?

  11. The archive page put the sidebar under the polls, probably is the DIV maybe go in P to resolve.

  12. P.S: I will post it in the next comment when i get home.

    P.S.2: Deactivate the current plugin, overwrite the files and activate it again. And of course follow the instructions on the readme.html under the Upgrdae and Usage Tab.

    P.S.3: Yap, it goes away because it will integrate the archives into the page like what u see in this site.

  13. Is anyone else finding it next to impossible to style the poll options text in IE? I list items that are the choices in the polls, I can’t seem to style them. In IE they are this blocky, black text that looks terrible. Even on this site here (www.lesterchan.net) they look awful. Of course, FF and Opera are fine, but IE looks nasty.

    Has anyone been able to style the fonts in IE and if so, can you direct me to how you did it?

  14. Ok, I see the fix is to uncomment the background: #ffffff; line in the CSS file.

    Can anyone explain why that is the case? Why is the text blocky/jagged in IE without a background color?

  15. What is a bug in IE? All text doesnt show up that way. Only the text in your WP-Polls plugin. All other text on all my pages work fine except for the list item options in the polls.

  16. I begin to translate wp-polls in french.
    Do you want I send it to you when it will be finished?
    Do you have any request?

    I agree for you include it in your project.

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