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17 thoughts on “5 Plugins Updated”

  1. hi,

    Thanks alot for the compliments, the same thing can be found in the readme.html included in the package

  2. Simple enhancement for useronline.php:

    function get_users_browsing_site($display = true) {
    function get_users_browsing_page($display = true) {

    then insert this extra line here in both functions:

    $total_users = ($total_guests+$total_bots+$total_members);

    if (!$display) {return array ($total_users, $total_members, $total_guests, $total_bots);}

    // Nice Text For Members

    That way we can access the user counts and display the results as we wish:

    currently users online
    members and guests

    Also, please consider make all AJAX additions completely optional. I have to comment out all the extra .js and other addfilters stuff.
    Some of us still like flat pages since alot of novices browser with javascript turned off for security (out of ignorance). AJAX could be just a fad.

  3. Hi, after studying how you are doing useronline for a bit, I have to suggest that you are making a serious mistake by not storing either the member login name (ie. user_login) or the user_id and instead storing the preferred name.

    The problem is that the preferred name is NOT unique. Any number of members could have the same.

    I don’t think it would take much to fix this, you could either replace the currently used field with the user_login and translate to the preferred name if the useronline name list is printed out.

    Or you could simply add an additional field to store the unique user_id when it is first identified (or user_login). Guests would have id’s of zero so that’s easy to spot.

    Here’s an example of why it’s a growing problem. I tried to create a simple function to detect if a specific member is online for their author profile page.

    function is_online($user_login) { global $wpdb;
    return intval($wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $wpdb->useronline WHERE username = '$user_login' LIMIT 1"));

    Looks simple and could work – but the username you store is never unique so there can be multiple matches (and the function won’t work as is with “user_login” sent to it). I was going to make it fancy and have it auto-detect if it was passed a user_id vs a user_login but the point is mute for now.

    Hope you’ll consider the (easy) improvement and feel free to use my is_online() function if you wish.

    ps. my next wish is to store when the user was last online but that would require a table for all members and probably exceeds the scope of “useronline”. It’s more for your stats program.

  4. Your ‘postratings’ plugin for WordPress is very good and useful, thanks.

    A minor point: the styles you have in your CSS cause problems with IE7 (beta):

    filter: alpha(opacity=100);

    -moz-opacity: 1;

    opacity: 1;

    Actually I’m not sure what these do anyway, but it seems to work fine now I’ve deleted them. They cause some font distortion in IE7.

    Thanks again for the plugin, keep up the good work

  5. Hello,
    thanks for your good and best plugins i have install your post rating plugin its works perfectly but when i think that why not install the post views plugin when i install it and then active from my wp-admin area but when i refresh my site its telling me this problem :

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/themes/blix/index.php on line 50

    i have add these code to my index.php under the post :

    but still getting that problem :(:(:(

    please can any one help me please :(:(

  6. i have add this code under the post in the index.php :

    but still getting this problem 🙁 please GaMerZ i think you are the one i think you help me please 🙂

  7. how do I mod WP-PostViews 1.01 to calculate all views from members and non-members.. to give a more larger total of views. you mentioned its possible in the readme.. thanks bro.. killer plugins!!

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