WP-Ban 1.00 Beta

Hi guys, I am back with a new plugin, called WP-Ban. This plugin allows you to ban users from your site by IP or Host Name.

For example:
Iif you want to ban users from your localhost ip range, you can always to this: 192.168.1.* under the ip column.
If you want to ban a certain country to visit your blog, for example Singapore, under the host name column, just type *.sg

WP-Ban Options Screen

» Download WP-Ban 1.10

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25 thoughts on “WP-Ban 1.00 Beta”

  1. Just installed it, thank you. Oddly enough I’m awaiting a chance to use it 😛 Keep up the great work, your efforts are appreciated!

  2. When I activated this plugin, and didn’t add anyone to ban, but it still banned at least one person, as they emailed me about it.

    Might have been other people as well. Once I deactivated the plugin they were able to return. Checked in the options area and nothing was in the field of people to ban.

  3. Gamerz, I’m going to go ahead and install it but I ‘m still not sure if this is a ban for posts—or will it ban someone from viewing like an .htaccess file?

  4. Hi GaMerz,

    Trying to download, but if I click on the download, I get an error page.
    If I rightclick and save the zip-file, my WinZip says it’s an invalid archive.
    What now?

  5. Hi GaMerZ

    great plugin.. I have some enemies and I use wp-ban to keep them away.
    The probleam appear when I activate the wp-cache, the plugin will not protect my site anymore..

    Do you have an ideea on how to work on this?
    Thanks and keep up the good work 😉

  6. hi There, you can’t do that because wp-ban requires the site to be dynamic, you may want to ban them by htaccess instead. Try googling for it.

  7. I successfully installed the plug in but don’t seem to be able to get it to work. I’ve tested it by blocking my own IP. This results in me being banned from editing my blog but does not block me from reading it. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? I’ve tried disabling wp-cache as mentioned above but that hasn’t solved the problem.

    I appreciate any help! (I’ve got someone I really need to block.)

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