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24 thoughts on “Localization And AJAX Updates”

  1. Hi, GamerZ
    I already try Useronline 2.06..and translare into my language
    however, Localization can’t work at all. do I miss something?
    or how do I set it up?

  2. okie, you need to create a new .po based on the .pot then after translating you need to save as for example: wp-useronline-de_DE.po where de_DE is your language. The poedit (I assume you are using poedit) will generate a file called wp-useronline-de_DE.mo.

    Note: make sure that both files are in wp-content/plugins/useronline

    It should work, please get back to me.

  3. thanks, I got it and it works now, I miss the part of filename “wp-useronline” but only zh_TW.mo

    I will complete the translation :>

    btw, about AJAX of wp-useronline, I still cant see if AJAX works like WP-Polls, does it work in the background?

  4. yeap it works in the background, every X seconds (the X is set in your Options -> UserOnline) it will update itself and display it the latest users online without loading the page

  5. Hi Gamerz,
    I didn’t try to localize the plugin. Yet. I was just wondering why do you need both files – the .po and .mo – for the translation?
    (BTW, you “internationalized” the plugin = preparing for translation; and we’ll “localize” it when translating into a local language, i.e. create the ‘locale’.)

  6. Hello,

    another message to warn you that it misses a declaration in the .pot file, with line 128 of useronline.php, concerning the word “guest� which appears on the page of the statistics when an unknown visitor traverses the site.

    Also, I translated the whole and here the result 🙂


  7. I’m sorry, very very sorry, but there it misses another declaration in the .pot file, with line 121 of useronline.php. When a guest who wrote a comment on the blog, he’s appearing “guest_JOHN” on the statistics page…

  8. Another thing to do (if you want)
    A possibility to replace the date/hour strings via the .PO file… With this change, “December, 16th 2006 @ 1:07 pm” can become “16 Décembre 2006 – 13h07”

    Is it a good idea ?

  9. SolykZ: Fixed, the date thing is a bit hard. What if I use the wordpress date and time format instead?

    Nobbi: Is it localized or you translate the text manually?

  10. You can, for example, add the $date_format string in the .pot file and we ‘ll can modify it by an another one, like “d/m/y – G:i”, who ‘ll say : “27/12/2006 – 00:45”, no ?

    Oh, I forgot : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 😉

  11. i had installed wp-stats plugin.it works but i want to change its language.How can i do it?
    i tried to make with “poedit” but ican not see any options about language select in stats options

  12. Hi there,
    Thanks for the plugins! Works great!

    I just localized it into Catalan. The .po and the .mo files are available from my blog. Maybe you could upload the files to the wp-plugin-repository?


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