WP-PostRatings 1.05 Beta

This site is now running WP-PostRatings 1.05 Beta, the changelog is as follows:

» NEW: Added The Ability For Each Rating Star To Have Its Own Text
» NEW: Highest Rated Post Is Now In The Templates For Easy Modification
» » NEW: Usage Instructions Is Also Included Within The Plugin Itself
» NEW: Able To Delete Ratings Logs And Data By Post IDs
» NEW: Able To Uninstall WP-PostRatings
» NEW: Localization WP-PostRatings
» FIXED: snippet_text() Function Missing
» FIXED: AJAX Not Working On Servers Running On PHP CGI
FIXED: Highest Rated Post Is Now Based On The Ratings Followed By The Number Of Votes
» FIXED: Added Some Default Styles To postratings-css.css To Ensure That WP-PostRatings Does Not Break

I intend to release WP-PostRatings 1.05, WP-Polls 2.13, WP-Stats 2.06, WP-UserOnline 2.06, WP-Ban 1.00 on 2nd January 2006 if everything goes smoothly.

Sorry guys but WP-Downloads is still in the works, I need to think and plan on how to integrate it.

UPDATE: I have re-uploaded the file due to wrong file name (should be 105 and not 103) and fixes an important bug.

UPDATE: Download WP-PostRatings 1.10

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25 thoughts on “WP-PostRatings 1.05 Beta”

  1. Lester

    Does the update use any sort of weighting to determine the highest-rated post?

    Posts with lots of ratings should carry more weight than 1 person giving a post a 5…..

  2. yea i fixed that, if there are 2 post, 1 with 2 person voted and 1 with 1 person voted and both the posts are 5 stars, the post with 2 person will be on top the 1 person. Is that what u mean?

    If there are 2 posts and 1 post 1 person voted 5 stars and the other 10 persons voted but it is only 3.5 stars, it will still stay below. Doesnt make much sense if a 3.5 star post is more popular then a 5 stars post

  3. Lester

    This looks like it will be a big improvement.

    Ideally – it would be great if one could adjust the weighting calculation for top rate list.

    My preference would be for items to default to an average rating (3 on 1 to 5 scale), and have votes pull the average higher or lower – ie, ( (3 + rating total)/(rating count +1)

    It sounds like your approach should fix the issue though. Thanks for your work on this – I’ll look forward to testing it out.

  4. Hey Lester – just wanted to say thanks for all the great plugins – all very well thought out and very useful and functional. I’ve put a few to work on my site and am definitely a big fan. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work – it is very much appreciated.

    As an aside, while browsing through I noticed that you’re Singaporean – my wife is from Singapore as well (and misses it desperately, particularly at this time of the year in Canada) and has now made a mental note to try the laksa at Depot Road the next time we go back – you better be right, she’s one tough laksa critic! 😉

  5. jlewin, cool thing that, meaning 3points for the (1 to 5) scare and the renaming will be (rating total)/(rating count +1) ?

    David: Hi David, the Depot Road Laksa is no more there. They have move to VivoCity foodcourt lvl 3 (Food Republic) and the price increase by almost 100%, now 1 board of claypot laksa cost $6.50 or was it $7.50. There is another branch at the Alexander’s Hawker Center

  6. Is there some way to make this work on MySQl 3.x? I love the plugin but on 3.x it messes up the database…


  7. hi there, I cant get my hands on 3.x and if you can create a seperate wordpress test database (just wordpress installation and wp-postratings), so that I can see the error that 3.x generates then I can solve it. It is only a few.

  8. hi there, I have one problem – in my WP is not the PostRating in administration 🙁 Also in my blog doesn’t work voting (but i header of page is JS with instructions). What can I do? Thx

  9. Hello, after activating the plugin, i got the following error message, when i reload the homepage of the blog:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_register_script() in /home/pacs/mih08/doms/netzforum.de/subs/jac/wp-content/plugins/postratings/postratings.php on line 90

  10. Hi lester, i’ve been using your plugins for a while and i hvae to say they are very well organized and easy to install

    however, i came across a problem which boggled my head for the past few days… my site had been running very slow when hosted by godaddy and so i changed hosts to siteground recently while simulteneously designing a new theme because google hadnt index my site since july of 06. when i moved, the site was blazingly fast — i had wp-postrating 1.02 at the time. Yet, after much debugging i realized 1.02 wasnt allowing google to index the site, for some odd reason. So I upgraded to 1.10 post-ratings, and got reindexed in 2 days, while simulateousnly installing Users Online.

    To add on top of that, Users Online plugin caused my site major slow downs after adding it — i attempted to upgrade users online — still slow. So i removed it from the database, deactiveated the plugin and deleted the contents from the ftp. Yet, the site remained slow when it was very fast previously. So now I suspect it’s 1.10 post ratings causing this lag…

    I notice the same kind of lag on your site too — in the browser it waits for the site (Waiting for http://www.xxxxx.com….) and then freezes for about a second or two, and then loads; sometimes theres even 404 or internal server errors. This is not just slow loading, but a strange way of delayed loading. I deactivated 1.10 post ratings and it didnt change the slowness, but I dont want to do complete remove the plugin from my database either since I have thousands of ratings saved.

    Do you think 1.1 may be causing problems? I am perplexed.

  11. slow? I don’t see a reason for it, dreamhost by default is slow for me because this server is in the US. If i change my hosting to singapore server, this side is blazing fast.

    It might be due to a network traffic of the site traffic for your site is insanely high.

  12. hi thanks for the response — that’s the thing.. for 2 days the site was BLAZING fast, until i added users online and postratings

  13. Hi Lester,

    GREAT plugin.

    One aesthetic question: In the sidebar widget, how can I configure it so that the rating stars appear on the line BELOW the post name?

    Right now, some of my titles are so long that 2-3 stars will be on one line, then the rest on the second line, which looks a little strange and hard to read.

    Thanks in advance,

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