WP-PostRatings 1.05 Beta

This site is now running WP-PostRatings 1.05 Beta, the changelog is as follows:

» NEW: Added The Ability For Each Rating Star To Have Its Own Text
» NEW: Highest Rated Post Is Now In The Templates For Easy Modification
» » NEW: Usage Instructions Is Also Included Within The Plugin Itself
» NEW: Able To Delete Ratings Logs And Data By Post IDs
» NEW: Able To Uninstall WP-PostRatings
» NEW: Localization WP-PostRatings
» FIXED: snippet_text() Function Missing
» FIXED: AJAX Not Working On Servers Running On PHP CGI
FIXED: Highest Rated Post Is Now Based On The Ratings Followed By The Number Of Votes
» FIXED: Added Some Default Styles To postratings-css.css To Ensure That WP-PostRatings Does Not Break

I intend to release WP-PostRatings 1.05, WP-Polls 2.13, WP-Stats 2.06, WP-UserOnline 2.06, WP-Ban 1.00 on 2nd January 2006 if everything goes smoothly.

Sorry guys but WP-Downloads is still in the works, I need to think and plan on how to integrate it.

UPDATE: I have re-uploaded the file due to wrong file name (should be 105 and not 103) and fixes an important bug.

UPDATE: Download WP-PostRatings 1.10

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25 thoughts on “WP-PostRatings 1.05 Beta”

  1. Lester

    Does the update use any sort of weighting to determine the highest-rated post?

    Posts with lots of ratings should carry more weight than 1 person giving a post a 5…..

  2. yea i fixed that, if there are 2 post, 1 with 2 person voted and 1 with 1 person voted and both the posts are 5 stars, the post with 2 person will be on top the 1 person. Is that what u mean?

    If there are 2 posts and 1 post 1 person voted 5 stars and the other 10 persons voted but it is only 3.5 stars, it will still stay below. Doesnt make much sense if a 3.5 star post is more popular then a 5 stars post

  3. Lester

    This looks like it will be a big improvement.

    Ideally – it would be great if one could adjust the weighting calculation for top rate list.

    My preference would be for items to default to an average rating (3 on 1 to 5 scale), and have votes pull the average higher or lower – ie, ( (3 + rating total)/(rating count +1)

    It sounds like your approach should fix the issue though. Thanks for your work on this – I’ll look forward to testing it out.

  4. Hey Lester – just wanted to say thanks for all the great plugins – all very well thought out and very useful and functional. I’ve put a few to work on my site and am definitely a big fan. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work – it is very much appreciated.

    As an aside, while browsing through I noticed that you’re Singaporean – my wife is from Singapore as well (and misses it desperately, particularly at this time of the year in Canada) and has now made a mental note to try the laksa at Depot Road the next time we go back – you better be right, she’s one tough laksa critic! 😉

  5. jlewin, cool thing that, meaning 3points for the (1 to 5) scare and the renaming will be (rating total)/(rating count +1) ?

    David: Hi David, the Depot Road Laksa is no more there. They have move to VivoCity foodcourt lvl 3 (Food Republic) and the price increase by almost 100%, now 1 board of claypot laksa cost $6.50 or was it $7.50. There is another branch at the Alexander’s Hawker Center

  6. Is there some way to make this work on MySQl 3.x? I love the plugin but on 3.x it messes up the database…


  7. hi there, I cant get my hands on 3.x and if you can create a seperate wordpress test database (just wordpress installation and wp-postratings), so that I can see the error that 3.x generates then I can solve it. It is only a few.

  8. hi there, I have one problem – in my WP is not the PostRating in administration 🙁 Also in my blog doesn’t work voting (but i header of page is JS with instructions). What can I do? Thx

  9. Hello, after activating the plugin, i got the following error message, when i reload the homepage of the blog:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_register_script() in /home/pacs/mih08/doms/netzforum.de/subs/jac/wp-content/plugins/postratings/postratings.php on line 90

  10. Hi lester, i’ve been using your plugins for a while and i hvae to say they are very well organized and easy to install

    however, i came across a problem which boggled my head for the past few days… my site had been running very slow when hosted by godaddy and so i changed hosts to siteground recently while simulteneously designing a new theme because google hadnt index my site since july of 06. when i moved, the site was blazingly fast — i had wp-postrating 1.02 at the time. Yet, after much debugging i realized 1.02 wasnt allowing google to index the site, for some odd reason. So I upgraded to 1.10 post-ratings, and got reindexed in 2 days, while simulateousnly installing Users Online.

    To add on top of that, Users Online plugin caused my site major slow downs after adding it — i attempted to upgrade users online — still slow. So i removed it from the database, deactiveated the plugin and deleted the contents from the ftp. Yet, the site remained slow when it was very fast previously. So now I suspect it’s 1.10 post ratings causing this lag…

    I notice the same kind of lag on your site too — in the browser it waits for the site (Waiting for http://www.xxxxx.com….) and then freezes for about a second or two, and then loads; sometimes theres even 404 or internal server errors. This is not just slow loading, but a strange way of delayed loading. I deactivated 1.10 post ratings and it didnt change the slowness, but I dont want to do complete remove the plugin from my database either since I have thousands of ratings saved.

    Do you think 1.1 may be causing problems? I am perplexed.

  11. slow? I don’t see a reason for it, dreamhost by default is slow for me because this server is in the US. If i change my hosting to singapore server, this side is blazing fast.

    It might be due to a network traffic of the site traffic for your site is insanely high.

  12. hi thanks for the response — that’s the thing.. for 2 days the site was BLAZING fast, until i added users online and postratings

  13. really? hmmm, this site is running on all my plugins, if you compared, which site is faster? this site or your site?

  14. Is there anyway to get the plugin to be based out of 10 stars instead of 5? Thanks.

  15. Hi Lester,

    GREAT plugin.

    One aesthetic question: In the sidebar widget, how can I configure it so that the rating stars appear on the line BELOW the post name?

    Right now, some of my titles are so long that 2-3 stars will be on one line, then the rest on the second line, which looks a little strange and hard to read.

    Thanks in advance,

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