WP-EMail 2.10

I have release WP-EMail 2.10 for WordPress 2.1 only.

WP-EMail 2.10
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Note: If you get 404 error even after re-generating permalinks, it means that your theme is using an outdated way of getting/display posts from the database. Just drop me an email with your page.php from your theme folder attached.

There will be no more integrating of wp-email to your theme, everything is automatic now, you do not even need to create a page for this.

I have also internationalize this plugin which makes localization much easier.

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17 thoughts on “WP-EMail 2.10”

  1. I’m getting this error message when sending an eMail: Language string failed to load: data_not_accepted
    What could be the reason? For name and eMail I haven’t used any special characters, but maybe for the message? (it was something like a testmessage): “Ey nun schau doch mal, der Alex … unser Alex, weißt du. (nee was ich damit fragen wollte … klappt das mit der Weiterempfehlungsmail?)”

  2. maybe you can post it in the forum. Try to post english post and send the email from there we will know whether it is a language problem or not

  3. Hi, there is a grammatical error that you’re actually spreading around the Internet. LOL 😉 “Here is his/her remarks:” it should be are, not is. (Or remark, not remarks, but I’m not sure that’s the saying.)

    Also, the layout messed up my sidebar and footer, how do I edit the template? Which file, where is that code? I’m for now, at least, using pop up.

    Oh and there’s a little bug with images being the first thing in the post, at least with Gmail, it comes up as code. *Shrug* I’m not including an excerpt now. (Every post that has this in the template starts with an image, actually most of my blogs’ posts do.)

    Thanks for the plugin.

  4. Hi,

    I think Here is his/her remark sounds better, I will change the remarks to remark. popup there is no sidebar of footer only stand-alone pages have that.

    Got a screenshot for the last point?

  5. Great plugin GaMerZ! I’ve been using it for a little while, but when I upgraded to new theme (http://www.bartelme.at/journal/archive/fresh_theme_for_ee) and I’m getting this 404 you talk about. I couldn’t find your email address to send you page.php, but I’ll be happy to send it to you, or you can download if off that link.

    Thanks a million, WP-Email has been super helpful for us!

  6. Few Questions :

    – Is there anyway to make WP-Email works for visitors who disable javascript?

    – Is there anyway to make the entered field stay when the screen is refresh or sender enter something wrongly? I found that all the entered field will be deleted when an error occurs.

    Please advise. Thanks.

  7. After updating the permalink, I can no longer password protect wp-admin folder. It just directed back to the front page.

    Any advise? Thanks in advance.

  8. @tony

    1) at the moment yes, but once I use ajax (WP-Email 2.20), it is not possible. I doubt there is much users who disabled JS nowadays because Web 2.0 relies a lot on that.

    2) That is a bug, thanks for informing me, must have overlook that.

    3) Put in the htpasswd again.

  9. Hi Gamez,
    Regarding No. 3, I did this
    – Disable password protect wp-admin folder through Cpanel
    – Activate wp-email, update permalink
    – Reenable password protect in Cpanel

    Still cannot access wp-admin after the above steps.

    Any advise would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Hi Gamez,
    To prevent people from hacking my blog :D.

    Actually, is it safe not to protect wp-admin folder? Please advise.


  11. hmm, I find it will not make any difference, wp-admin is just a place where you admin your blog, they can always aim for your blog/mysql/ftp. It will not make much diff.

  12. I like to think i’m learning, but when i learn one thing another comes along, 24hours in the day is just never enough, cheers for your insight

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