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I always wanted to implement this feature into WP-Polls, now I have finally done it. I think with this new feature, I am going to increase the version of WP-Polls straight to 2.20 instead of 2.15.

I will need people to test it before I release it out to the public. If you have some interest in it and love playing around with plugins, do me a favor and leave a comment in this post. Let me see what are the response like.

Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “WP-Polls Multiple Options”

  1. How do I go about getting this to test? I have a site coming out soon that I’d love to add it on and it’s 2.1.

  2. Heather: once it is stable, give me a week more to do some testing on my localhost =)

    Darryl: normally you are allowed to vote only for 1 answers, but with this feature you can allow user to vote more than 1 answer and at the same time specify how many answers can the user vote in maximum. Example question would be:
    “Why Do You Like This Site? Select Those That Applies”
    1) Nice Design
    2) Good Navigation
    3) Fast Loading
    4) Good Content

  3. I would LOVE to test your plugin 🙂 I miss the poll archive! The archive does not come automacaly.. the base isnt made ore something. Could you make a fix to that or do I have to make the base myself? How?

  4. Esso: Thanks for the interest =D For the polls archives, just create a page with the content [page_polls] will do, if u need further instruction, drop me an email =)

  5. Hey Gamerz, this is great. Exactly what I was looking for. I would be glad to help you test if you need it. While you are working on this functionality I was wondering if you could expand upon it even further. I have the need for a layout with multiple answers per option. An example layout could be(radio buttons next to love it/hate it):
    “Do you like it or don’t like it?”
    Sun: Like it * (65 votes 65%) Don’t like it * (35 votes 35%) (100 total votes)
    Rain: Like it * (43 votes 43%) Don’t like it * (57 votes 57%) (100 total votes)
    Snow: Like it * (150 votes 75%) Don’t like it * (50 votes 25%) (200 total votes)
    Wind: Like it * (400 votes 67%) Don’t like it * (200 votes 33%) (600 total votes)
    Thunder: Like it * ( 23 votes 46%) Don’t like it * (27 votes 54%) (50 total votes)

    I hope you get the idea. This is just an example of course, you can make it even more complex by adding more then 2 answers per option. For the results it would be different. As in a normal poll all options equal to 100%, but in this example each option’s answers would equal to 100%. Essentially its multiple polls squeezed into one about a similiar theme. Just something to consider while you are adding functionality. Your plugins are simply amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work =)

  6. hi there, thanks for the compliments, but this function almost require a rewrite of wp-polls because how it works is diff.

  7. Ok np then, I was just hoping it might be easier then that. Maybe something for the future then;) Thanks again for the plugins, they are wonderful =)

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