WP-EMail 2.11, WP-Print 2.11

I have fixed 2 minor bugs for WP-EMail 2.11 and WP-Print 2.11. I did not bump the version number because a lot of hassle is needed. Instead I just update the zip file.

The 2 bugs are:

1. Unable to display feed properly if you are using [ email_link ] or [ print_link ] to embed the email/print link within the post.
2. 404 error if you are using a custom permalink structure without a / at the end.

WP-EMail 2.11
» Readme/Changelog
» Demo
» Download Mirror #1
» Download Mirror #2
» Support Forum

WP-Print 2.11
» Readme/Changelog
» Demo
» Download Mirror #1
» Download Mirror #2
» Support Forum

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11 thoughts on “WP-EMail 2.11, WP-Print 2.11”

  1. Hey, great plugin ! I was wondering if you plan by any chance to make a very useful plugin I can’t find for WordPress (amazing but true). It’s a plugin which allow to send emails (plain text) to blog users (suscribers only for example). The feature is sadly not implemented into WP and that’s very sad because I think this is a must-have feature. You do a great job developing complex plugins, maybe if you have some spare time sometime you could think about such a useful plugin. I’m sure many WordPress bloggers are looking for it. Thx for your great work !

  2. Hi Awkvart, Thanks for the compliments, I think I saw it somewhere before, you can try asking it in WP.org forums.

  3. There is one, yes. But no link available and the other one cost 20$… Honestly I don’t know why this kind of plugin is not by default integrated into WP. I’m not talking about a newsletter or mass mailing, only a simple plugin to send an email to all the registred users (there are 30, not that much). I wish I could code it by myself, I’m only a designer but I already know at least 9 WP bloggers that are desperately waiting for this plugin 🙂
    And yeah, Shrek3 is better than Spiderman 3 ^^

  4. seriously? That is weird, I thought it is free. But I wish I can do it but I still got 2 plugins I need to code for my self on my new site.

  5. Sure, so if one day you have some spare time, maybe you could think about coding this kind of plugin. Thanks for the plugins you already made, there are really great.

  6. I doubt I will have the spare time, I got WP-DownloadManager, WP-GalleryViewer, WP-CommentRatings in the pipeline.

  7. I find very useful the email plugin, but can you make one email plugin lighter, may be with ajax.
    It only have to show a box in the page, without go to another page, and ask for an email address. Then send a text ad the actual email plugin do.

    Putting the user in front of a form with 5 fields to fill, easly lead to amke the user go back.

    Thank you and bye!

  8. Stefano: you can choose which form field to show. I think I will pass the ajax part for now because it is not really needed at the moment. I will see how it goes

  9. has installed plugins print and mail.
    but what do ???? they were displayed in post?

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