WP-DownloadManager Updates

I have been spending the past few days coding WP-DownloadManager, and I am proud to say that I can release the beta very soon. I just left the readme.html to do.

For those who cannot wait for the readme, here is the direct link to the file via WordPress Plugins SVN.

As it is now, any file added to WP-DownloadManager can be download by anyone, I may add in permission to each file if I get enough responses.

Remember to update your permalinks by going to “WP-Admin -> Options -> Permalink” and click “Update Permalink Structure” because the file direct download link will be “http://yoursite.com/download/1/” where 1 is your file ID.

I think a picture paints a thousand words:

» WP-DownloadManager Screenshots

» WP-DownloadManager Support Forum

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