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4 thoughts on “WorPress Plugin Development With PHP”

  1. Great initiative – I just wish you would post a downloadable version of the presentation as it is almost impossible to read anything projected on this vide.


  2. Yo man – happy new year.

    You looking great on the video. I was scheduled to speak for a group of freinds on the basics of WordPress in plain, simple words – to enable them to be webmasters at ease 🙂 But it did not work out because of funding problems, etc, etc, I intend to run it again next month.

    Anyway. Great site you have here. Definitely one of the best sites using the default theme.

    In case you want to grab a design for yourself, let me know, I can help with the basics of choosing a good theme and customizing it to your needs -)

    Have fun

  3. Thanks Ehab, the reason I chose the default theme because it is the basis of all my plugins as I want to show that it works 100% with the default theme.

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