Pre Wave 2

I have completed whatever I need to code for the remaining 4 plugins for Wave 2 release.

WP-Ban and WP-DBManager basically undergo only cosmetic changes to suite WordPress 2.5 layout.

I have added a few minor additions to WP-PostViews. The changes are documented in the Changelog tab in the readme.html file include in the zip

The plugin which undergo the most changes is WP-DownloadManager. It is the longest changelog that I have ever done. I also added a new search feature into WP-DownloadManager. You can see it in action in the Downloads Page.

See Lester Chan’s WordPress Plugins June 2008 Update (Wave 2).

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8 thoughts on “Pre Wave 2”

  1. Hi, first of all you made some awesome plugins.
    Now the main part: I tested the DBManager plugin on a local server (WP 2.51). I noticed a problem with the gzip feature. It produces errors so that the backup doesnt work. Maybe its just a matter of the local server. i havent tested it on a webserver yet.

  2. I tested it on this site and the gzip feature works. I have no gzip on my local server as well as it is based on Windows.

  3. Hey I was just checking out your page navigation plugin and was checking out the demo here on this blog and wanted to point out that when the boxes for the page numbers get bigger they stretch out and expand the whole page navigation bar which make it kinda look tacky when you get so many pages on your blog…….. to see what I’m talking about just click through your pages using the navigation bar at the bottom here and stop on page 12 or 13 and see how the “last” button box in the navigation bar kinda splits and moves downward below the bar.

  4. AWESOME!!! GaMerZ that’s cool. I’m gonna try this plugin on my blog now. I’m using the kubrick template as well and your plugin will be the first one I’ve installed since I switched to WordPress. I’m excited. Wish me luck lol.

  5. Hi Gamerz!

    As always your plugins are awesome 😉

    About the download manager, I found that the search form in the downloads page works fine if you search single words, but fails if you use more than a word… 🙁

    i.e. if you search for “plugin” and there are downloads that contains that word it returns results ok… but if you search for “nice plugin” it says “no results” message even if there are matching results for the word “plugin”.

  6. The searching will not search for individual words rather it search as a term “nice plugin” instead of “nice” and “plugin”. It is on purpose as it is a simple search engine.

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