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25 thoughts on “Lester Chan’s WordPress Plugins July 2008 Update”

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  2. Hi,

    I am using your plugins and like them. Recently downloaded your WP-PostRatings 1.31 plugin for my wordpress 2.5.1 version website.

    It worked fine (rating posts) but when I want to show highest rated posts on the sidebar (using the widget) or even using the codes you give in usage page for outside the loop, they dont work?!?

    I get:
    Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! in ……/wp-content/plugins/wp-postratings/wp-postratings.php on line 637

    I read your post about this error and you say php5 is needed. I use hostgator and they have php5.

    Can you pls help?
    Thanks and regards.

  3. Hello Lester,

    first I wanna thank you for the great plugins you released so far. They are among the best ones.

    Now, a couple of things.

    I made a simple modification to the WP-DownloadManager 1.31 in order to make it WordPress MU ready. You build the default options for the “download path” and the “download path URL” keeping in mind a simple WordPress installation. The plugin as you released use so the same download path for each blog in the WPMU network.

    I changed the file wp-downloadmanager, replacing the lines 1186-1187 with the following ones:

    global $blog_id;
    if (isset($blog_id)) {
    add_option(‘download_path’, WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’, ‘Download Path’);
    add_option(‘download_path_url’, WP_CONTENT_URL.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’, ‘Download Path URL’);
    else {
    add_option(‘download_path’, WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/files/downloads/’, ‘Download Path’);
    add_option(‘download_path_url’, WP_CONTENT_URL.’/files/downloads/’, ‘Download Path URL’);

    By the way, I also added the dir “downloads” at the end of the path, because it seems cleaner to me.

    Moreover, I modified the rows 1213-1214 in the same above file with the following ones:

    if(!is_dir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’)) {
    mkdir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’, 0777, true);

    I hope you will choose to integrate this modifications in the official version, so that I will not be compelled to port them in your next releases of the plugin.

  4. Ah, one more thing: it would be nice (but not strictly necessary) to change the “nice urls” in wp-downloadmanager from “/download/” to “/download/slug-of-the-download-name”. What do you think about it?

  5. @Nemo, Thanks for the modifications, I will add them into 1.40 =D Regarding the slug name it will require more work then id to check for it.

  6. @Lester: good, I am glad of that. The 1.40 release will be the next one?
    Regarding the slug, well, I guessed that! 😉

    Bye bye.

  7. Whoops, the second modification is not complete: it works only on MU.

    This is the correct one:

    if (isset($blog_id)) {
    if(!is_dir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’)) {
    mkdir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/blogs.dir/’ . $blog_id . ‘/files/downloads/’, 0777, true);
    else {
    if(!is_dir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/files/downloads/’)) {
    mkdir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.’/files/downloads/’, 0777, true);

  8. Noted, I think I going to change to /files/ instead of /files/downloads/ as that is the default directory for wp-downloadmanager =D

  9. OH, I got it! the problem was that i didnt put it in the plugins/PLUGINAME folder but just under plugins/
    thank you and sorry

  10. I’m also getting the Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! in /wp-postratings/wp-postratings.php on line 637. My host uses php 5.2.5 so it should work. Any known fixes?

  11. Hi there,
    I am using WP-DBManager and have updated to the latest version.
    All work fine but “E-mail database backup file to: email@adress” won’t send any Backup file.
    With click on Email button it opens a blanc page and nothing happens.
    Any idea what is going wrong?


  12. How do you make the Polls Archive page, I get nothing when I click on the Archives link

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