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86 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come To An End”

  1. thank u man , ny the way any sentence is like that :

    Thank you Lester chan..
    I wish you the best.. ”
    they are only stupid arab from wp-ar hahahahah

  2. Greetings for you new job ! I hope it will give you joy and passion, as your free work for the wordpress users community did.

    Thanks a lot for your great plugins, and posts !

  3. Thanks for your work – my sites simply wouldn’t have existed without your excellent plugins. I hope they will live together with upcoming releases of WP.
    Again, thank you! And all the best for your professional career. I am in no doubt that you will do it really good!
    Cheers from freezing Norway

  4. Always good to hear someone getting a job — but I’ve been to your site hundreds of times already 🙂

    All the best to you, your plugins and support are awesome — you’re an asset to the WordPress community…

  5. Congratulations. I hope your “real” career will as fulfilling as I am sure you found WordPress and its plugins.

  6. Hi
    I am using WP-Print plugin on http://www.richard-dickinson.com and want to have it ‘Print Page’ at home page.
    Can I do this?
    So far I cannot see how to edit it to do this. I have ‘Print Page’ setup on my other pages (which is what I want) but I can so far only get ‘Print Post’ to appear on my home/index page.
    I am most grateful if you can advise me on this, many thanks

  7. Hi Lester,

    I only just read this post now. Hope you are enjoying your job … but we need
    you back! I’ve been using your plugins for YEARS and just found out today that wp-polls isn’t working with WordPress 3.0. I loved that plugin. Sniff. We miss you!


    P.S. I agree with Aaron… you have such a great following that you should monetize this site with Adsense at the very least. Or make some hosting recommendations and such. You’d probably do very well with that.

  8. Hey Rosalind, WP-Polls works with WP3.0 perfectly well, this site is running of WP3.0 with WP-Polls. Did you try on the default theme?

    The server is sponsored I just need to pay for the domain name =)

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