WordPress 3.0 Beta 2

WordPress 3.0 Beta 2 has been released and it seems WordPress 3.0 has miss the initial release date of 1st May 2010, which I think is good. They should not rush to meet the release date as it should be release when it is done. I am guessing they will head to RC1 in the next release.

Things to test:

  • Revised menu user interface
  • Changes to the WordPress exporter and importer to make it more flexible

Download: WordPress 3.0 Beta 1

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5 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0 Beta 2”

  1. it seems that there is a little problem in your wp plugin wp-stats(version 2.50), the code as follow in file wp-stats.php(line 55) can’t work properly:

    wp_enqueue_style(‘wp-stats’, plugins_url(get_stylesheet_directory_uri().’/stats-css.css’), false, ‘2.50’, ‘all’);

    in html code, the output is like this and the browser can’t find css file:

  2. Hi Lester. Have you done any testing with your fantastic plugins on WordPress 3.0? As you have stopped active development to focus on your career does this mean you will not be updating the plugins to ensure compatibility with the final 3.0 release? Thanks and I hope your day job is going well!

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