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20 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0”

  1. I’m kind of weary on upgrading to 3.0 for the moment. While it looks great, backing up the site and it’s database as well as worrying about the plug-ins are some of my concerns. Will your WP-DBmanager or even say the rest of your suite of plug-ins still work?

  2. Which one of your plugins currently work on 3.0? because I don’t want to update knowing that one of the plugins will not work. Does WP-Polls work?

  3. WP-PostViews doesn’t work for me anymore, all posts views were reset to 0, I replaced it with other plugin, but I like WP-PostViews more. Is there any solution to make it works?

  4. You know for the Manage Polls on WP-Polls. It seems to lag my browser when it tries to load more than 300 polls. I basically create a poll everyday now a days on my blog, and when i go to manage polls, it freezes for about 15 seconds. Any solution or recommendation?

  5. I installed your wp-dbmanager and tried to do a backup. The screen refreshed asking for my WordPress User name and password. I typed it in and the password went blank and tried again and again and it didn’t work. Any idea on what is causing the problem?

  6. Does it matter what version of PHP you are running? I currently updated to php5 and I seem to be getting errors on WP3.0 on the custom email template.

  7. PHP 5 is preferred. Create a file called phpinfo.php with and upload it to your server and access the file to see if it is really on php5.

  8. Hi, I own two WordPress based websites and use WP-postviews works fine with one and doesn’t work with the other. I looked up the PHP Versions on my server and found out that it works find with PHP4 and doesn’t with PHP5. Maybe that helps some of you.

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