WP-DBManager 2.61

WP-DBManager 2.61 has been released and it fixes a security vulnerability which will allow user to download your wp-config.php. If you do not use the default backup folder path, you are not affected by this.

However, most users are affected and it is recommended that you upgrade WP-DBManager to 2.61.

WP-DBManager 2.62 will be out on Tuesday with added nonce security and auto-repair functionality.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Download: WP-DBManager 2.61

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3 thoughts on “WP-DBManager 2.61”

  1. Thank you! Could to know, that such things are fixed!
    Unfortunately every new update brings up the still missing feature that the plugin still does ncot work with a different socket path. It would be great, if this feature will be entered. Otherwise I have to change the files manually again when version 2.62 comes out 🙁

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