WordPress 3.7 Beta 1

Looks like when I am in Thailand for a holiday over the weekends, WordPress 3.7 Beta 1 is released! WordPress 3.7 will be a short one, with its final version coming in October 2013 and immediately after that, WordPress 3.8 will be targeted for release by end of the year. WordPress 3.8 will be where most of the features are!

One of the features in 3.7 that I am looking for is “Automatic, background updates”. It updates itself in the background, just like Google Chrome! When is the last time you notice Google Chrome is updating? Not me!

3.7 Beta 1 will keep itself updated. That’s right — you’ll be updated each night to the newest development build, and eventually to Beta 2. We’re working to provide as many installs as possible with fast updates to security releases of WordPress — and you can help us test by just installing Beta 1 on your server and seeing how it works!

Some other stuff:

  • If you’re running WordPress in another language, we’ll automatically download any available translations for official WordPress importers and the default themes. (More to come here.)
  • Our password meter got a whole lot better, thanks to Dropbox’s zxcvbn library. Again, subtle but effective. Strong passwords are very important!
  • Search results are now ordered by relevance, rather than just by date. When your keywords match post titles and not just content, they’ll be pushed to the top.
  • Developers should check out the new advanced date queries in WP_Query. (#18694)
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One thought on “WordPress 3.7 Beta 1”

  1. Are you crazy, automatic wordpress updates! I certainly hope there’s a way to either optin or opt-out of this feature . . . what if . . . when wordpress auto updates the update isn’t compatible with your current theme or plugins, & you wake up to an nonfunctional website???? Personally this is an update feature I’m not all that thrilled about unless there’s a way to turn auto update off . . .

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