WP-Stats Filters

In the next release of WP-Stats, version 2.20. I will have some filters built into the Stats Page, Stats Options Page (in WP-Admin), Stats Widget and Stats Widget Options (in WP-Admin) so that other plugins can use the filters to display the stats on WP-Stats Page.

I will remove all my plugins stats from the core of WP-Stats so that I can use the filters to put in the stats into WP-Stats. I will have some examples when I finalized everything.

I have also removed all my plugins stats from WP-Stats Widget because as from now on, my individual plugin will get its own Widget. Like WP-EMail Widget, WP-PostRatings Widget etc.

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Some Plugins Finalized

I have updated this site with the following plugins:
» WP-DBManager 2.11
» WP-Email 2.11
» WP-PageNavi 2.11
» WP-PostRatings 1.11
» WP-PostViews 1.11
» WP-Print 2.11
» WP-RelativeDate 1.11
» WP-Stats 2.11
» WP-Sticky 1.00

All of them should be finalized unless there is a last minute bug. I am testing WP-DBManager automatic scheduling of backing up of database, so far so good.

I hope I can release all of them on 1st June 2007. I am left with WP-Ban, WP-Polls and WP-UserOnline as documented on GaMerZ.Wiki.

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Plugins Featured By Lorelle

Lorelle has dedicated the month of February for WordPress plugins.

WP-PostViews, WP-Stats and WP-UserOnline have been featured in Counting WordPress: Statistics WordPress Plugins.

WP-Print has been featured in WordPress Plugins That Play With Paper and Documents

UPDATE: THANK YOU Lorelle for adding in WP-Stats =)

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Localization And AJAX Updates

I have localize WP-Stats and WP-UserOnline in addition to WP-Polls. If any one of you willing are to test it for me, the downloads links are as follows:
» WP-Stats 2.06 Localized Version
» WP-UserOnline 2.06 Localized Version

If you do test it, please feedback to me if there are any text not translated properly or can be improved. Thanks alot.

Example of WP-UserOnline: You need to create a new .po based on the .pot then after translating you need to save as for example: wp-useronline-de_DE.po where de_DE is your language. The poedit (I assume you are using poedit) will generate a file called wp-useronline-de_DE.mo.

Note: make sure that both files are in wp-content/plugins/useronline

WP-Polls and WP-UserOnline now processes AJAX in their own file like polls.php and useronline.php instead of index.php. I think in this way it will be faster and it will have lesser conflicts with other plugins. I have also removed the Javascript variable site_url in them because it is not used.

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WP-Stats Update

WP-Stats has joined in the updates along with WP-Polls and WP-UserOnline. Now you do not need to integrate wp-stats anymore, the same goes with wp-polls and wp-useronline. Just create a page and type in [ page_stats ] (without any spaces) in the post’s content area, and there you go.

The down side of it is that it requires the latest version of wp-email, wp-polls, wp-views and wp-postratings.

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