WP-Stats Update

WP-Stats has joined in the updates along with WP-Polls and WP-UserOnline. Now you do not need to integrate wp-stats anymore, the same goes with wp-polls and wp-useronline. Just create a page and type in [ page_stats ] (without any spaces) in the post’s content area, and there you go.

The down side of it is that it requires the latest version of wp-email, wp-polls, wp-views and wp-postratings.

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19 thoughts on “WP-Stats Update”

  1. Hi!
    I tried this but nothing’s happening.

    I installed the latest versions of wp-email, wp-polls, wp-views and wp-postratings from these links.
    Everything is active (although I haven’t configured the wp-email because I don’t really want to use it).

    On the page I created to display the “page_stats” nothing is showing.
    Any pointers?

  2. it is not the latest version, it is the latest version in the cvs. If u downloaded it from my site, it is not the latest. U want a copy of it? I can send it to u.

  3. Hi all!
    GaMerZ i love all of your plugins (what a genious ;))

    I have a proposition/suggeriment for you:

    In the plugin wp-postratings i think the actual 1/5 rating scale is insufficient, for me is to small scale for rating, personally i don’t like rating things with 1/5 scale, i think 1/10 scale is more versatile.

    The proposition is for making an update for the users when installing the plugin or in the file plugin make a option for choice desired scale for ratings: 1/5 or 1/10.

    Sorry for my bad english, im from spain and speak&write really bad this language :(.

    I awating your answer, thanx.

  4. Oh men that’s amazing, i don’t ever seen the plugin options after installing :D.
    Very big thanks ;)!

  5. Hey man………..

    I got what i needed from here.

    I was searching for useronline, stars, polls etc. for my celeb blog and am really impressed.


  6. Hey, nice work on who’s online. Is there a way to hide IP addresses (or the plugin completely) in the dashboard from low level users?

  7. Hello. I’m sorry if my question is irrelevant to the main article. I would like to implement a rating system. The one that is used on this blog (yellow stars) is exactly what I need. Is it one of the plugins that this site offers? Or could somebody kindly tell me what the name of the plugin is and where I can get it? Thank you.

  8. Hello,
    I’m a wordpress newbie and I’m looking for a plugin to analyze what the visitors do on the blog. I don’t need special stat. I would know please if I install WP-Stats on my blog I need other plugins too like wp-email, wp-polls, wp-views and wp-postratings
    Can you help me?

    Thank you

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