WordPress 3.0.3

WordPress 3.0.3 has been released and it is yet another security update.

This release fixes issues in the remote publishing interface, which under certain circumstances allowed Author- and Contributor-level users to improperly edit, publish, or delete posts.

These issues only affect sites that have remote publishing enabled.

Remote publishing is disabled by default, but you may have enabled it to use a remote publishing client such as one of the WordPress mobile apps. You can check these settings on the “Settings > Writing” screen.

Changelog: WordPress 3.0.3
Download: WordPress 3.0.3
Download: Modified files since WordPress 3.0.2

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WordPress 3.0.2

WordPress 3.0.2 is out and it is recommended for everyone to upgrade as it is a mandatory security update for all previous WordPress versions.


  • Fixed moderate security issue where a malicious Author-level user could gain further access to the site.
  • Remove pingback/trackback blogroll whitelisting feature as it can easily be abused.
  • [Fixed other issues]

Changelog: WordPress 3.0.2
Download: WordPress 3.0.2
Download: Modified files since WordPress 3.0.1

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WordPress 3.1 Beta 1

WordPress 3.1 Beta 1 has been released!


If all goes well, we hope to release WordPress 3.1 to the world at large by the end of the year, though that is (as always) subject to change/dependent on how the beta period goes. The more help we get with testing and fixing bugs, the sooner we will be able to release the final version.

Some of the new features to check out include:

There are also some known issues: things that aren’t *quite* finished, but that weren’t worth holding up the beta release. They will be fixed before 3.1 is released for general use. Note that as things get fixed, the beta release will update nightly. What you should know:

  • Fatal error: Call to a member function is_page() on a non-object in /wp-includes/query.php. is_page() may be any conditional tag. This issue occurs when a theme or plugin is doing something wrong. Some code is checking the value of a conditional tag before we actually set up the Query, which means they don’t work yet. In 3.0, they silently failed and always returned false. In 3.1 Beta 1, this is throwing a fatal error. This will be handled in the final release, so use this opportunity to fix your plugins. (#14729)
  • All known issues slated for fixing before launch are listed in Trac. Please check this list to see if a bug is already on the list before reporting it.

Download: WordPress 3.1 Beta 1

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WP-Polls & WP-DBManager Bumped to v2.60

I have release an update for both WP-Polls & WP-DBManager. There are no major changes just some bug fixes especially to get it working with WordPress 3.0 Multi-Site options. I will continue to roll that fix out to other plugins as well when I have more time. The reason I chose WP-Polls and WP-DBManager first because of the number of request to get it working with the MS option.

I have also point the latest working stable version to trunk because I will not be adding any new features but bug fixes along the way and hence I am the trunk will be stable.

WP-Polls Readme
Download WP-Polls

WP-DBManager Readme
Download WP-DBManager

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