WordPress 2.6.2

WordPress 2.6.2 has been released.

Stefan Esser recently warned developers of the dangers of SQL Column Truncation and the weakness of mt_rand(). With his help we worked around these problems and are now releasing WordPress 2.6.2. If you allow open registration on your blog, you should definitely upgrade. With open registration enabled, it is possible in WordPress versions 2.6.1 and earlier to craft a username such that it will allow resetting another user’s password to a randomly generated password. The randomly generated password is not disclosed to the attacker, so this problem by itself is annoying but not a security exploit. However, this attack coupled with a weakness in the random number seeding in mt_rand() could be used to predict the randomly generated password. Stefan Esser will release details of the complete attack shortly. The attack is difficult to accomplish, but its mere possibility means we recommend upgrading to 2.6.2.

Here is a list of bugs fixed:

  • Can’t control where a user redirects to when they log in
  • Bug in textpattern import
  • include mysql version in version check query string
  • RSS widget shouldn’t link if there isn’t a link
  • get_post_meta fails to unserialize when $single=false
  • typing error in wp-settings.php
  • comment_max_links causes confusion when zero
  • get_posts not working properly
  • Insert image into post always inserts full size
  • Filter news on templates cant work
  • Typo in post revisions

Here is a list of changed files:

  • wp-login.php
  • wp-settings.php
  • /wp-includes/formatting.php
  • /wp-includes/pluggable.php
  • /wp-includes/post.php
  • /wp-includes/query.php
  • /wp-includes/version.php
  • /wp-includes/widgets.php
  • /wp-admin/css/press-this-ie.css
  • /wp-admin/import/textpattern.php
  • /wp-admin/includes/image.php
  • /wp-admin/includes/template.php

Download WordPress 2.6.2

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WordPress 2.6.1

WordPress 2.6.1 has been released and it is a very minor release. Not security flaws has been found and hence WordPress 2.6.1 is not a security fix so if you are comfortable with WordPress 2.6 like me, you don’t have to upgrade.

2.6.1 offers several improvements for international users. Styling of the admin for right-to-left languages is much improved thanks to the efforts of the Farsi and Hebrew translation teams, and a mysterious gettext bug caused by certain PHP configurations is now fixed. For IIS users, 2.6.1 fixes several permalink problems. Image insertion problems in the Press This feature experienced by IE users are also fixed. Of note to everyone is a fix for a performance bug in the admin where those with a lot of plugins would experience slowness on some pages.

I am so looking forward to WordPress 2.7 as lots of features which are available as plugin will be built into the core.

Download WordPress 2.6.1

*UPDATE* I decided to upgrade to stopped the nagging upgrading message to appear.

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WordPress 2.7 Will Feature Sticky Post

It is confirmed that WordPress 2.7 will have the Sticky Post feature built into the core. It is a simplified version of my plugin, WP-Sticky, in which it has just one style which is “sticky” as compared to two styles in WP-Sticky which basically sticks all the post that are marked sticky on the front page. If I am not wrong if there are 2 posts that are marked sticky, the 2 posts will be sorted by date in descending order (latest first).

I decided to retire WP-Sticky as WordPress 2.7 has that built it into the core. Now my plugin count has been reduce to 14.

Due to a large number of request, I decided not to retire WP-Sticky and I have updated it be compatible with WordPress 2.7. See here.

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WordPress 2.7 Features By WLTC

Weblog Tools Collection has put up a list of features that will be in the upcoming WordPress 2.7 which I think will be released before the end of the year.

Here is the list of the planned features:

  • Comments API
  • Keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation
  • Theme Update API
  • One Click Plugin Installs
  • WordPress core updates
  • Default Sitemaps
  • Admin Panel Comment Replies
  • Comment Threading
  • Subscribe to Comments
  • Widgets for Dashboard and Write Box
  • Batch Editing of Posts

Check out WLTC: Features Planned for WordPress 2.7

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