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WP-EMail 2.11, WP-Print 2.11

Sure, so if one day you have some spare time, maybe you could think about coding this kind of plugin. Thanks for the plugins you already made, there are really great.

» Posted By Awkvart On 20th June 2007 @ 21:05

There is one, yes. But no link available and the other one cost 20$… Honestly I don’t know why this kind of plugin is not by default integrated into WP. I’m not talking about a newsletter or mass mailing, only a simple plugin to send an email to all the registred users (there are 30, not that much). I wish I could code it by myself, I’m only a designer but I already know at least 9 WP bloggers that are desperately waiting for this plugin 🙂
And yeah, Shrek3 is better than Spiderman 3 ^^

» Posted By Awkvart On 20th June 2007 @ 04:36

Hey, great plugin ! I was wondering if you plan by any chance to make a very useful plugin I can’t find for WordPress (amazing but true). It’s a plugin which allow to send emails (plain text) to blog users (suscribers only for example). The feature is sadly not implemented into WP and that’s very sad because I think this is a must-have feature. You do a great job developing complex plugins, maybe if you have some spare time sometime you could think about such a useful plugin. I’m sure many WordPress bloggers are looking for it. Thx for your great work !

» Posted By Awkvart On 20th June 2007 @ 00:18

WP-Sticky New Ideas

Huh ok… But what if I want the annoucement post to be on the top of the page, way above all the other posts, with a banner in between? So you mean an annoucement will only be on the top of the posts, no way to customise anything from that? So we can’t work with any layout? Your plugin is very cool but wouldn’t it be a good idea to create a function like get_annoucement_post and get_sticky_post we could put exactly where we want them to appear on the page and then define the number on posts to display (and a class) for each function? It could make WP Sticky more flexible. I will use your plugin anyway because it’s great, these are ideas only, since WP Sticky is still in beta version, you care doing something with them ^^

» Posted By Awkvart On 16th July 2007 @ 23:08

Hi, I may have a weird question but I can’t find how this plugin is working… What is the function we call (php get_sticky…) to make the announcement appear exactly where I want it to? I’ve read the readme files, plus all the topics in the forum and I might be dumb but I really don’t get it. I can check the post as a sticky/announcement but it doesn’t appear anywhere in the page since no function is called. And in Options > Sticky I don’t see any way to configure anything. Maybe the solution to this is easy but I’m sorry I really don’t get it. Any help is more than welcome, thanks a lot 🙂

» Posted By Awkvart On 16th July 2007 @ 05:29

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