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Lester.thanks a lot… You are number one!

» Posted By james On 30th April 2011 @ 21:06

Hi Lester.
I hava a problem.I want to change the views word. How i can this change. Thanks.

» Posted By james On 30th April 2011 @ 15:50

Away From 14th December 2008 To 2nd January 2009

Hi Lester,

Have a super time off. I want to thank you for all your greta plugins…merry xmas!

» Posted By James On 15th December 2008 @ 02:17

DO NOT Use Automatic Plugin Upgrade

D’oh! I used the automatic update thing and it deleted the plugin completely. Thankfully, re-uploading it fixed everything again.

» Posted By James On 24th April 2008 @ 05:56

Lester Chan’s WordPress Plugins October 2007 Update

Hi Lester, many thanks for the plugins, and for keeping them all up to date!

» Posted By James On 9th October 2007 @ 16:40

Ratings And Poll Updates


Is there anyway to get a list of top rated stories? (to put in a block)

Or a page full of them?

» Posted By James On 21st June 2006 @ 02:55

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  1. Благодарю ВаÑ? за напиÑ?ание Ñ?криптов !

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