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Beta Version Of My Plugins Updated To WordPress 2.6

Just dropped you 50USD via Paypal

Thanks for the great WP Plug-Ins!

» Posted By Kevin On 3rd July 2008 @ 23:46

Lester Chan’s WordPress Plugins June 2008 Update (Wave 1)

Awesomeness to the highest level! 🙂

» Posted By Kevin On 13th May 2008 @ 02:36

WP-Ban 1.00 Beta

I was using version 1.10 of WP-Ban

» Posted By Kevin On 23rd March 2007 @ 02:40

Using version 2.1

» Posted By Kevin On 13th March 2007 @ 08:33

When I activated this plugin, and didn’t add anyone to ban, but it still banned at least one person, as they emailed me about it.

Might have been other people as well. Once I deactivated the plugin they were able to return. Checked in the options area and nothing was in the field of people to ban.

» Posted By Kevin On 13th March 2007 @ 08:32

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  1. Благодарю ВаÑ? за напиÑ?ание Ñ?криптов !

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