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My Plugins With WordPress 2.6 Beta


» Posted By Jeff On 27th June 2008 @ 16:01

WP-Sticky 1.00 Beta


I’m using your plugin and cannot get the Announcement to show the “Announcement Banner:” I have set in the Options. I have the following:

Cats Only- No
Display Date- No
Announcement Banner: Tonight!

Am I missing something?

» Posted By Jeff On 23rd March 2007 @ 06:27

My Plugins Update June 2006


WP-PostRatings is a fantastic plugin. I would like to offer one humble suggestion.

Once someone has rated a post, the average rating is of less importance to that person than their own rating. Perhaps the display (after rating) should remain as that person’s rating.

If this is implemented, it gives a good way for a person to change their rating of a post. Rather than locking them from rating a post again, they can change their rating (I suppose subtracting their previous rating and adding their new rating without changing the total number of people rating the post).

MSNBC uses an example of a rating system (at the bottom of each article) that displays the users rating, but does not allow the user to re-rate a story.

Netflix uses a good example of a rating system that shows the users rating and allows the user to re-rate a movie.

What do you think?

» Posted By jeff On 22nd June 2006 @ 01:12

Ratings And Poll Updates

Sorry, just brainstorming here.

Can one return the top ten posts in the last 3 days in a specific category? Believe it or not, I could actually use such functionality. But even without, this is a great plugin.

» Posted By jeff On 22nd June 2006 @ 02:11

Using returns a read only display of the rating. Can it be modified to include functional ratings (with the same default display options as in the full posts)?

Thanks again. Your work here is impressive.

» Posted By jeff On 22nd June 2006 @ 01:40


Is there a way to get the top highest rated posts in a given date range?

* Top three posts in the past 24 hours
* Top ten posts in the past week

» Posted By jeff On 22nd June 2006 @ 01:18

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