WP-Sticky 1.00 Beta

Most of you all have problem with Owen’s Adhesive plugin. I have thus modified it to become my new plugin called WP-Sticky. It is almost the exact same plugin as adhesive. I am going to add in more features in May 2007 when I am having my summer holidays.

I tested with WordPress 2.1.1 and PHP 5.20 With MYSQL 5.

You can configure the options in ‘WP-Admin -> Options -> Sticky’.

You can find the ‘Sticky’ Option under ‘Post Status’ Options in the ‘Write/Edit Post Screen’.

There is a readme.html inside the zip file.

Need support, post it in here, WP-Sticky Support Forums.

UPDATE WP-Sticky 1.00 has been finalize, download WP-Sticky 1.00.

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29 thoughts on “WP-Sticky 1.00 Beta”

  1. I don’t think so, i did not test on 2.0.9, but it should work. Sticky pages? I don’t actually see a point in sticky pages. Care to enlighten me?

  2. Ahh… I see
    wish I could do some coded stuff -_-;

    anyway can u make a plugin to do something like that? that will be cool.
    I already try the plugin tough… but your self coded is what exactly that I want.
    Not from either post or pages.

    but I guess I’m being selfish ^^;
    sorry… and thanks 🙂

  3. I dont think I will make a plugin like that because it is not worth the extra query. You can actually modify header.php or maybe index.php to have the same effect. The content there is static and I have to update it manually.

  4. Greets.

    I’m using your plugin and cannot get the Announcement to show the “Announcement Banner:” I have set in the Options. I have the following:

    Cats Only- No
    Display Date- No
    Announcement Banner: Tonight!

    Am I missing something?

  5. For me at least, the plugin messes with RSS – after the sticky post gets set (as sticky or announcement), anything posted after it doesn’t hit my RSS newsfeed.

  6. 404 error when i try to dowload WP-Sticky 1.00 Beta2
    Can u give the link pls
    Thanks B4

  7. I am also having a problem with my RSS feed. If the wp-sticky option “Categories Only” is set to “No”, the RSS feed contains only my announcement posts. If I set “Categories Only” to “Yes”, the RSS feed works normally.

  8. so, this fixes the issue of paging posts that is broken when using the adhesive plugin to keep a specific post at the top of all others? And, is it 2.3x compatible?

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