Confirmed WordPress 2.7 Features

Ryan Boren has posted a list of confirmed features that will appear in WordPress 2.7. Some of this features are still under development and they should be done soon.

  • New admin UI based on the crazyhorse experimental UI branch with new menus and navigation
  • New edit post page that allows dragging and dropping of meta boxes. Boxes can be expanded and collapsed as before and now also completely hidden.
  • Ability to hide columns on the content index pages
  • Inline editing of posts and pages on the content index pages
  • Comments XMLRPC API (Who wants comment moderation on the iPhone? Me.)
  • Reply to comments from the admin
  • Keyboard hot keys for managing comments
  • Threaded Comments and new wp_list_comments() API
  • Sticky Posts
  • Automatic plugin install and integrated plugin browser
  • Automatic upgrade of WordPress
  • HTTPOnly auth cookies
  • New HTTP request API
  • A new SSH2 filesystem abstraction for updates and installs over sftp

Theme update, install, and browsing may also get done in time for 2.7.

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9 thoughts on “Confirmed WordPress 2.7 Features”

  1. A new admin UI. Wasn’t it like it like WordPress 2.5 (March 2008) wordpress had a new admin UI. I mean the blog tells “in collaboration with Happy Cog and the community”.
    So Happy Cog wasn’t that great or did they combine? … Wow I’m actually really curious! I love the UI so far and I’m really content of it, except for the ‘Add Image Popup’.
    So curious about the improvement … any details 😛

    What you mean with “Ability to hide columns on the content index pages”? The menu they mean? :S

  2. I think the new admin panel will be even better as it support resolutions larger than 1024

    I have no idea on that part as I have not tried it myself. I am waiting for the beta

  3. Thank you for your excellent plug-ins ( sticky ) and this update, the new UI is very nice and I think your plug-in will work smooth on it too.

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