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38 thoughts on “My Plugins And WordPress 2.7”

  1. Hi all,

    I still can’t get email working with 2.7. I am personally using the latest version of Explorer. Haven’t tested it elsewhere. Do I need to switch to SMTP? Currently it’s on PHP. I updated my permalinks. Print is working, but relative date, page navi and email won’t work.

    Any thoughts? thank you!

  2. You may want to try on the default theme with no other plugins activated. RelativeDate is automatic, you do not need to touch anything. WP-PageNavi you need to add in the PHP code, if it does not work, it means there is a conflict with your theme.

    PLEASE read through http://forums.lesterchan.net to see if there is anyone posted about your problem before.

  3. I am also having issues iwth this working.. I have made the changes that you suggested, although i do have other addons in my blog.. I just dont know where to start

  4. Hi Lester, great plugins. I follow the steps above..But it only work in the default permalinks…when used /%postname%/…it show “error on page”..

    I used this plugin email and print on the other site…It works perfectly and also in localhost..

    Doesn’t work in this site ww.thefinanacialblogger.com… WP 2.7.1 version
    any cause?…

    thank you!..i love your plugins….

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