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51 thoughts on “UserOnline”

  1. It doesn’t work for me, i mean it counts the users online, but when i click to see details i get this. Can you please shade some light?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_action() in /home/twofouin/public_html/lanebuni/wp-content/plugins/useronline/useronline.php on line 35

  2. Hi,
    i’ve got your Useronline plugin working nicely on my site. I’m using wordpress V2.0.4 it works a treat compared to some other user stats plugin i tried. The only thing I would like to know is this -> how do you alter the time on the stats page to my local time because at the moment it’s about 4 hours ahead of my time lol..

    Graphix 🙂

  3. i tried to download the pluggin. but i dont know how to put it in my site. im using Mac.. is it compatible or is it just for windows?

  4. Sorri for my english!

    The plugi dont create the sql table, this is error:

    WordPress database error: [Table 'norisit-wordpress.wp_useronline' doesn't exist]
    DELETE FROM wp_useronline WHERE userid = '1' OR (timestamp

    Help please, thanks!

  5. may I know what was supposed to be shown when I click on the nick of the online user? nothing seem to happen when I click on the nick, I don’t get statistics of the person I click on either.

  6. I have it, I created a page that contains both wp-stats and wp-online tag. Yupps but it doesn’t seem to work >.

  7. Hi there ^^

    I don’t understand how the “UserOnline URL” area in the options work. Can U help me with this ?

    Thanks very much.

    PS : I’d like to translate your plugin in French and re-distribute it (with your credits, of course) can I ?

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