Panasonic – USB Portable Power 10,260mAh (QE-QL301)

In my blog post about Panasonic Mobile Booster QE-QL101 last year, I did mention about the large capacity portable battery from Panasonic which has a capacity of 10,260mAh. I did not manage to find that in Singapore. Instead I saw it in Thailand and I bought it for 3,990 Thai Baht (SGD$160.40) and after a 7% VAT refund, it cost about SGD$150.

Don’t let it’s huge physical appearance deceive you, it is actually pretty light weighing at 490g. It is slim as well, the thickness is almost the same as a standard USB port.

The only downside is that it is able to output a maximum of 2A only and if you are using one port only, the maximum is 1.5A. This is pretty low but still acceptable when compared to the standard 2.1A per port you will find in the higher end portable batteries these days.


  • Input: Micro USB DC5V 1.5A
  • Output: 2 Ports DC 5V 2A (Max) (1.5A Max on 1 port)
  • Dimension: 2211mm x 153mm x 11mm
  • Weight: 490g
  • Battery: Li-ion 3.7V 10,260mAh

It takes about a day to fully charge the battery pack via USB port and about 9 hours using an AC adapter.

Panasonic - USB Portable Power 10,260mAh (QE-QL301) - Packaging Front
Panasonic – USB Portable Power 10,260mAh (QE-QL301) – Packaging Front

Panasonic - USB Portable Power 10,260mAh (QE-QL301) - Packaging Back
Panasonic – USB Portable Power 10,260mAh (QE-QL301) – Packaging Back

Panasonic - USB Portable Power 10,260mAh (QE-QL301) - Pacakging Contents
Panasonic – USB Portable Power 10,260mAh (QE-QL301) – Pacakging Contents

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Kero – Lightning Nomad Cable

· · · Cable

Kero – Lightning Nomad Cable was born out of a Kickstarter project last year. I did not know about it and hence I did not backed it.

Kero – Lightning Nomad Cable is a 3″ Apple certified lightning USB cable for your key ring with syncing and charging capability.

They have launch a new Kickstarter project, Kero – Micro USB Nomad Cable, which I backed last week and have about 15 more days to go.

I did not see the Kero selling in Singapore, instead I got mine from Thailand for 680 Thai Baht (SGD$27.30) from Siam Paragon‘s departmental store.

Kero - Lightning Nomad Cable - Box Front
Kero – Lightning Nomad Cable – Box Front

Kero - Lightning Nomad Cable - Box Back
Kero – Lightning Nomad Cable – Box Back

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· · · Site

Been almost 9 months since I did an upgrade to this site, so I guess it is time for me to post a site update. Most of it is about optimising the site so that it performs faster and better.

This site now has a performance score of 90 out of 100 for Pingdom’s Website Speed Test! Pingdom Website Speed Test Results Pingdom Website Speed Test Results

Bootstrap 3.0
One of the most tedious but hardly noticeable task was to upgrade Bootstrap 2.3.2 to Bootstrap 3.0.

Search Autocomplete
Added search autocomplete for the search form at the top, powered by Twitter typeahead.js. Autocomplete Autocomplete

My host, Vodien, just became a reseller of EdgeCast which is also a CDN and hence I will be using it side-by-side with MaxCDN. I am randomising it right now between the two.

I also just bought a new domain name and I will be using it as the CDN domain. The reason for a new domain name is because of Cookie-free Domains.

When the browser makes a request for a static image and sends cookies together with the request, the server doesn’t have any use for those cookies. So they only create network traffic for no good reason. You should make sure static components are requested with cookie-free requests. Create a subdomain and host all your static components there.

Something not visible but related to static assets, copied HTML5 Boilerplate’s .htaccess over to my own for better headers on static assets.

I also added DNS prefetch headers to the site’s header HTML for almost all the static URLS that I used.
I am now using Pingdom instead of WatchMouse for Public Status Page. You can check the status of at or via @lcstatus on Twitter.

Added a new page called,’s Changelog, which displays the commits I made to the Bitbucket repository of this site.

SingTel Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price Plans

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be officially launching in Singapore tomorrow, 28th September 2013 for SGD$1,048 without contract. Only the 32GB model will be available in Singapore. Two colours will be available at launch, the Jet Black and the Classic White.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Jet Black)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Jet Black)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Classic White)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Classic White)

Accessories compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 includes:

  • Flip Wallet (Jet Black, Classic White, Wild Orange & Indigo Blue) – SGD$68
  • S View cover (Black & White) – SGD$88
  • Desktop Dock will be available – SGD$68
  • Extra Battery Kit (containing an extra battery and a charger kit) – SGD$78

Samsung Galaxy Gear (Jet Black)
Samsung Galaxy Gear (Jet Black)

The Samsung Galaxy Gear (Jet Black) will be available in Singapore at a later date (early October 2013) for SGD$488. The remaining five colours (Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold & Lime Green) will be available by end October 2013.

SingTel Postpaid’s price plans (in Singapore Dollars SGD$) for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

SingTel Plans Lite Value Plus Prestige
Monthly Subscription $39.90 $59.90 $99.90 $239.90
Calls 100 mins 200 mins 500 mins Unlimited
SMS 800 900 1,000 Unlimited
Data 2GB 3GB 4GB 12GB
Galaxy Note 3 32GB $618 $348 $98 Free


  • Prices stated includes 7% GST
  • All postpaid plans come with unlimited free incoming calls
  • Data Usage Bill Cap (3G): SGD$5.35/GB capped at SGD$94/month
  • Data Usage Bill Cap (4G): SGD$10.70/GB capped at SGD$188/month


Energizer XP3000A Portable Charger

The Energizer XP3000A Portable Charger is retailing for SGD$59.90. It has a capacity of 3,000 mAh which is able to charge your iPhone 5 about two times before needing a recharge and it weighs 130g.

What makes the XP3000A special is the built-in lightning cable. This means you do not need to bring along another cable if you are using it with your iPhone 5.

If you have an Android phone as well as an iPhone 5, the XP3000A also comes with another USB port as well, but you have to bring along your own micro USB cable. Alternatively, you can get the Energizer XP3000M which has a built-in micro USB cable instead of a lightning cable. Both The Energizer XP3000A and XP3000M are available in two colours, black or white.

What I don’t like about the XP3000A is that the maximum output is only 1A instead of the standard 2.1A which you will see on most portable battery chargers these days. If the output is 1A, it will increase the charging time of your phone by about 2 times (when compared with 2.1A) and you will not able to use it to charge an iPad.

The consolation prize is that you can charge two devices at one time. I tried charging my iPhone 5 and my HTC One at the same time and it works fine as both ports are able to output 1A each.

In the packaging, there is this thing call Gecko. It is basically a small rubber pad with suction cups on both side for you to stick your phone against the XP3000A (that explains why the surface of the XP3000A is glossy/fingerprint magnet).

Energizer XP3000A - Box Front
Energizer XP3000A – Box Front

Energizer XP3000A - Box Back
Energizer XP3000A – Box Back

Energizer XP3000A - Box Contents
Energizer XP3000A – Box Contents

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