Poly Friends Steamboat Dinner

School ended at 1pm for me today. Stayed in school till 3pm doing MMAD Assignment Task 2 while waiting for pinktasy and gang to finish their lessons.

Lian’s group of friends and my group of friends came my house for a CNY steamboat dinner. There was plenty of food for the steamboat. Overall it was quite fun although I am a bad host(I ask them to treat it as their own house). First time so many friends in my house. Will be organising it again if I have the time(assignments stress is coming).

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2nd PCT Lesson

Had my 2nd PCT lesson today even though it is 5th week of school. It is alternate week and the lecturer went for reservice for a week. Ended early as usual, the lecturer is good.

Went to Suntec after school with Lian. We shared a Kenny Roger’s meal as both of us are hungry. Actually Kenny Rogers is quite cheap. Bought Lian Valentine’s Day’s present there. Exactly 10 days more to Valentine’s Day. =D

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Indian Cuisine

Woke up at 11.30am again. Went to fetch Lian then proceed to my mom friend’s place for an Indian Cuisine lunch. The food is good, better then last year (last year we also went to her place).

Left her place at about 2.30pm, then we proceed to my grandmother’s(mom’s side) place for a while. Went back home to rest after that.

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Shanghai Knights

Woke at 11.30am today, went to my grandfather’s(dad’s side) house followed by my father sister’s house. Had lunch at her house. Missed her cooking. She was my guardian when I was very young, she watched me grew up. Hehe

Left her house after 2pm to Great World City to watch Shanghai Knights. 3.10pm show, we reached there quite early, so we sat down at Delifrance for some light snacks and coffee. The coffee there is good.

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Chinese New Year

Woke up at about 11am today, ate “Mee Sua” with shreddered chicken and abalone for breakfast. Have been eating that for CNY since young.

Went to visit my grandmother’s(mom’s side) house after that, followed by my grandmother’s sister house then we went to my grandfather’s(dad’s side) house. The house was so crowded, some people I had never seen before and he/she is my relatives, I am referring to my dad’s cousins. LOL. Left for my mom’s business friends house at about 3pm, ate lunch there. The buffet is catered from “The American Club”, previous years was from Shangri la. But nevertheless, the food is as good.

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Happy Chinese New Year

Went to pray my grandmother followed by reunion dinner at Swensens with my family. After that we went to my dad’s side to eat reunion dinner. I didn’t eat of course, was quite full.

Saw most of my cousins, about a year since I last saw them. We watched VCD through out the whole evening till about 10pm. Collected 7 red packets from there. Normally my dad’s side will give on the eve and my mom’s side will give on the New Year day itself.

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The Eve Of Chinese New Year Eve

I kinda like Thursday because there is VB practical lessons. Compared to Java, VB is no kick, I think Visual Studio.NET is good for developing such applications rather than JBuilder, much more user friendly and faster.

Went to Suntec for a walk after school ends, had a drink in Coffee Bean, long time never drink the ice blended from there.

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Lian & Queues

Lian didn’t come to school today, she went to see doctor at the polyclinic, she queued about 2 hours just to see the doctor and 2 hours just to take the medicine. Poor Lian, stand for so long =_=. Luckily she managed to get an MC for today. LOL

Went for lunch at Great World City again with my mom and brother, ate the same thing again, Teppanyaki.

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8 Mile

Had lunch in school before going to Plaza Singapura to watch 8 mile. Plaza Singapura the foodcourt is under renovation and will be ready in February 2003.

Help Charlene they all to buy the 8 mile tickets too, but their show is at 6.45pm. This is the first time when I buy NC-16 tickets I got checked, even when going in the theatre also got checked. Double checking, wonder why suddenly so strict. I saw one Malay couple in front of us, looks older than us and they got checked too. This is so disgracing. Even when I buy lottery also never got checked.

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Pre-Ordered C&C Generals

Went to Marina after school with Lian. Craving for the famous Minced Pork Noodle there, so we went to eat. It is good to eat on weekdays, because the queue is so short, and I only need to wait for like 5 minutes before it is my turn, and on weekends I have to wait for about an hour. See the hugh difference.

Went to NTUC later, Lian wanted to buy some shampoo and shower foam. After that we proceed to Funan, need to buy some printer ink and Lian need to buy mechanical pencil.

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